no, i heard they broke up over halloween weekend

korinne101: I'm not attracted to him but I see it  -  sex (2k image)Hmmm. I really have had little to write on here. This week has been incredibly sucky. I’ve been working way harder than I get paid or am appreciated by these newly “acquired” stations. And i am ready to leave. But supposedly monday they are gonna hire this new person and Lara gets back from vacation. And i know once all the summer concerts start up, things will be better. And i cant wait for all the comp time i get. Now that is killer. Outside of all that mucky muck, Emily got a job. EMILY GOT A JOB! Woooooo! And a very cool sounding one as well. I am more excited than anything. I am more excited that she is getting paid close to twice that of my current salary. Now that rules. I am so ready for her to be by sugar-momma. Maybe she’ll cosign on a car for me! Or hell, she could just take care of my car payments too while she’s at it! Now that would be swell! Ha! But in all seriousness i think it’s great and i am very excited for her.

And Moby came to the station today. After the interview we talked about Minor Threat and all the great early 80s DC punk bands that ruled our childhoods. Or more so his. Very cool he know about those bands not growing up in this area. Or maybe he did. I still forget how well known all those bands were. I never really got in to most of that stuff until later. Or something. And he also spoke of all the mad cool bands that are booked for Area Two Festival. Fuck shit. It will be dope. Very cool guy. Very cool politics. Very cool back pack. So why the fuck couldnt this average bald guy who prolly has more money that George “i suck ass for a living” Bush be president for our country? Instead of agreeing with other countries fucking shit up we’d go to the water park or go sky diving and we’d end this assanine use of oil in our country. Goddam when will our world learn to use resources other than oil. Last i heard, the sun is free and lasts forever. Fucking get it together. Or something…

Tonight I have no plan. I think I am gonna play with my camera(s) for a bit. Then maybe i’ll go over to Emily’s if she gets home soon. But she had things to do, so that will prolly take forever. Her two roomates are funny though. We know one is gay. And one smiles a lot. But that could be the gay one. I cant really tell them apart, cos it’s always very dark when i see them. But were not sure if the other one is gay and/or if they are doing the nasty.

Why does my Father not breathe when he eats? And why does it bother me to no end.

Favorite TV MILF?
27% :: Roseanne
25% :: Norma Arnold (Wonder Years)
22.9% :: Mary Tyler Moore from the Dick Van Dyke Show
12.5% :: Mrs. Seaver (1-3 seasons, of course)
08.3% :: Carol Brady
04.1% :: Valerie Hogan

D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh

thebobgreene: but it’s like he’s talking about spinach, and then you reply, “but at least spinach isn’t a second rate music critic!”

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