not overly concerned

And the truth shall set you free:


1. I want to kidnap this boy-child; keep him in my closet, and whip him to say funny things to me at will. I would make him a man.

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2. I saw U2 last night. I am seeing Old 97s next week. I need more emo, man.
3. Bitchy women are so great, aren’t they?
4. Where can I get a (vinyl) copy of “One Nation Under Groove?”
5. MY parents and Sig Other’s parents are having a cookout together Sunday. Everywhere, there’s signs.
6. The only thing in my fridge at home is 6 coronas, some old oatmeal, and mustard.
7. I forgot to take the trash out this morning.
8. “Flying Leap” by Judy Budnitz is a great book.
9. “I Brake for Monster Booty”
10. I’m in like sin.

Other stuff and Updates:

So, I went to the U2 concert last night. It was good people watching. Not “good people watching” in the sense that a Stevie Nicks concert is good people watching, but it is fun to see 35 year olds wearing belly shirts. And when I say fun, I mean disturbing.

Basically, it was a big ole’ rock show. They played a lot of old stuff, which was good. Even better was the fact that all I had to do was show up. I didn’t buy tickets or anything. My little brother and his mainstream lil’ girlfriend came along. They’re the very cutest of U2 concert-goer types.

But it was just poprock.

I’ve decided it would be cool to have a rockstar father. “MY dad can beat up your dad.”

“My dad is The Fly. Piss off.”

The crocheting is going well, thanks for asking, and I’m also trying to learn the finer techniques of HTML. Ha. Ha ha.

One more thing:

BAM! (for those of you that are unfamiliar with the metropolitan DC area, that’s a manhole exploding behind you.
Best advice I’ve heard in a long time: Laughing at others is fine as long as we laugh hardest at ourselves.

3 Responses to “not overly concerned”

  • As I said on Doughty`s site, “B” of Whatever-Dude is one of the greatest writers of our generation.

    And U2 rock the body that rocks the party.

  • Heya,

    Ya said:
    ‘but it is fun to see 35 year olds wearing belly shirts. And when I say fun, I mean disturbing.’

    So is it disturbing because it is someone 35 yrs.
    old? Or is it disturbing because they didn’t have the body?

    Jes’ wundrin’

  • sigh, no. I’m just an idiot.

    read above.


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