got your number

I’m feeling a little unholy today.

I’m feeling mean. And I’m feeling wild. If someone were to call me on the phone right now and ask if I want to run away with them, I would. I so so would. No job, no cares, no anything. I think just about the open road. I think I am at the point in my life where I need a babysitter. I think I am more danger to myself nowadays than I was at age 7. I wouldn’t mind being someone’s bitch. I wouldn’t have to make any decisions.

So don’t nobody call. My phone is off the hook. I am the only person who can protect me from myself, and it’s an exhausting job.

Other Stuff:

— New Headline from “The Source”:
“THUG LOVE: The Illest R&B Artists Show You How to Get Your Freak On.” I love it.

— Did you know on their corporate website, Target sells school uniforms? ?

— There was a casting call in NoVa yesterday for a new Tom Clancy movie—apparently, Ben Affleck is taking over for “Jack Ryan” in the rest of Clancy’s films. Harrsion Ford = too old. Harrsion! You sexxy thing! How does it feel to be ousted?

— There is a fermenting glass of OJ on my desk and it smells like ass.

— Sig Other is bringing me an Inuit from Iceland. It’s all I asked for, anyway.

— This is where I am going. I don’t know when, but I’ll keep you posted: “The legendary island of Bora Bora is known throughout the world as one of the most romantic islands on the planet. A quiet, unspoiled haven. This emerald-green island is almost completely encircled by offshore islets and reefs, with only none narrow pass to the open sea, creating a magnificent lagoon of infinte depths and colors. An ideal way to appreciate Bora Bora is by bicycle or cruise around the lagoon by outrigger canoe.”

I’ll bring you a grass skirt.

someone’s always coming around here trailing some new kill says i seen your picture on a hundred dollar bill and what’s a game of chance to you, to him is one of real skill so glad to meet you angeles picking up the ticket shows there’s money to be made go on and lose the gamble that’s the history of the trade you add up all the cards left to play to zero and sign up with evil angeles don’t start me trying now cos i’m all over it angeles i could make you satisfied in everything you do all your ‘secret wishes’ could right now be coming true and be forever with my poison arms around you no one’s gonna fool around with us no one’s gonna fool around with us so glad to meet you


all my secret wishes could right now be coming true!

PS anybody have a good lawyer?

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