flirtMatt is back in town, and that is right and good. It comforts me. I don’t really know why. This means I again have someone to harass endlessly, and I don’t feel as if I am missing a crucial limb anymore. What will I do if/when I actually move in with someone? Or marry? Or decide to move to Santa Fe to jumpstart my struggling musical clown career? He’s going to have to come too. It’s the only way I can assure my own survival. It’s really the only possible way for my survival.

Conversations, Saturday night, 11:30 pm.:

Matt: “So, Danny wants all his groomsmen to give toasts at his wedding. I’m caught- what do I say? All our memories are illegal.”
Elle: “Say something like “Hey! Remember when you dated Elle’s friend in college and never told your now-wife? That was cool.”
Matt: “Um, no. No. Yeah. Cheated. Cheated on her. He Cheated.”
Elle: “I don’t think of it as cheating so much…”
Matt: “Cheated.”
Elle: “Oh, please. What do you care? Anyway, I prefer not to think of it as cheating. I prefer to think of it as college.”

Welcome to wherever you’re from.

Will I hold you again?

Significant Other is in Reyjkjavik all week. I don’t know what to do with myself, I think maybe I’ll just be a lazy glutton until his return. Drink by myself and mope and maybe even sneak smokes or something. I’m in that kind of mood. Also, my little toe on my right foot has been asleep all morning. It’s very bizarre and uncomfortable, but kind of in an enjoyable way. Does this mean something? Like when your ears burn?

Master Plans: tonight I am renting “Kicking & Screaming,” and finishing up “Best American Essays 1998.” And listening to the Milk Magazine EP of Christmas songs by Promise Ring, D-Plan, and others. I feel Christmasy.

Also, I am craving tickets to the Exciter tour. Don’t roll your eyes, you bastards… most of you won’t admit it, but you have secret dark thoughts about Martin Gore too. I’m considering a career change. Maybe I can be involved with their tour now.

Other Conversations, paraphrased:

Daniel: you should be a nurse!! You’re so caring and thoughtful and you always put other people’s feelings ahead of your own and…….oh wait………that’s somebody else……..
Elle: you should SO be a librarian. i think maybe that might be my dream job too. can i be a librarian too? want to open a library with me? only, a library for suave people and make money. I guess in that case it would be a bookstore. and bookstores notoriously fail. like restaurants. did you ever you “you’ve got mail?” like that bookstore. god, that movie sucked.
Daniel: yes!! be a librarian with me. that would rule! we would get to tell people to “shut the fuck up!” all the time. our snoberry would finally be justified!! wu.
and yes, i saw that movie. and yes, it did suck…..
Elle: sigh. now i will be thinking about being a librarian all day instead of working. i dont want to be a bounty hunter anymore, now i want to be a librarian.

OM Library: Serious as Fuck.

PS… There’s a black and yellow butterfly outside my window. Who wants to move out of DC with me?

PPS… Iceland is the most literate country in the world.

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