Happiness is such hard work, and harder every day / and it can kill you but no one wants to be that tacky about it….


Past Plans

08.11.01 I went to the Madonna concert. She was like a robot, not really Madonna but more like “AI” (or is that “MI”? Madonna Intelligence?) with very little emotion and she fucked up on her lip syncing however, that said, the audience was superb and fabulous and mostly made of glitter and vinyl. Sometimes both. And Shannon and I were bedazzled in Wet Seal clearance and purple eyeshadow and cowboy hats and Sig Other even made an appearance in his “I Love Rich Men” teeshirt. Also, I got my hair cut again.

08.12.01 Elle worked for nine hours on a Sunday in a cold eerie computer lab. Power Point was involved. Power Point and I have a love/hate relationship. We are a spatting couple that constantly fights and occasionally has great makeup sex. Mostly I feel that Power Point and I are headed for personal destruction; a messy alcohol-fueled divorce. But for now, Power Point pays my rent. There is nothing creative about Power Point, and yet it organizes things so well.

08.13.01 Fugazi was at Fort Reno. Ask me if I went and I’ll punch you in the neck. But, really, I’m glad everyone else had fun. Sob.

I also found out that an old high school chum has started a group called the Resistance Collective and August Arts Center. Based in Provo, Utah, it’s an anarchist/radical activist movement. When did we grow up? When did Mormon kids start getting arrested? I knew the Air Force couldn’t keep him long. Admirable, yes. Crazy, yes. Provo? YES. The kids are alright They are saving the world by bicycle.

Sterling needs help too, T. Come back.

08.16.01 I started a new crochet project and drank Diet Coke and watched a Discovery Health program called “Weight Camp” where they sent socially inept and overweight teens to camp to losse weight. The instructor was an asshole. Not like Julie Andrews asshole. Much more outwordly mean. I started feeling vaguely uneasy they were filming these kidsa and their pain, so I turned the TV off and listenened to Sparklehorse and got drowsy. More about the crocheting- since I caved and I’m doing it “the easy way” this time, it’s going so much faster. And the yarn I bought is very pretty.

Fututre Plans

Sig Other and I are going to the beach again this weekend. (always date someone with in’s and a family house on the Outer Banks. It is key.) However, this will be no nice relaxing trip listening to books on tape and stopping for candy, oh no. The Jeep of Doom will also contain 3 spastic dogs. Three. Someone is bound to get hurt. Even if the Jeep doesn’t swerve off the road into a ditch in a tornado of fur and barking and licking, someone is going to get hurt. These are BIG DOGS, too. Crazy big dogs.

OM peeps, yo:

While I was “gone”, did you:

–Elope in Vegas?
–Steal a pet chicken?
–Go “gay?”
–Eat some peanut butter?
–Buy lip gloss?
–Make the World Come Together?
–Read a book upside down?
–Kiss a stranger?
–Sign a fraternity brothers buttocks in permanent marker?
–Start your own comic strip?
–Make a phone call?
–Eat your pet chicken for Sunday dinner?
–Make amends with Jesus?

PS I love the color orange.

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