make you keith sweat

Damn, this floor is thumpin’
Spring released and
My little girlfriend’s hanging light
I feel the blood rush
Pumpin’, haulin’

So, last night wasn’t very interesting. I finished up a mixtape for Merideth which was promised in July. I went to Starbucks for a caramel macchiato, getting some weird looks from some teenage girls loitering outside smoking Newports. At least, it smelled like Newports. I smoked those in high school occasionally. Aren’t they made of fiberglass and asbestos? Anyways. These girls were wearing body glitter; khakis. They, oh yes, they have on one-strap shirts on from Old Navy. They have gotten that look. Apparently my jeans had a big hole right in the ass. I had on an Air Force teeshirt.

I’m alternative like that.

Also, I danced for a little while before Bush came on the tube. Mmmm, “Spring Released” is a booty shakin’-worthy song. I looked just like the guy from American Pie. The glories of living semi-alone is that you can do this whenever you want. Damn, the floor was thumpin. I should look into a career change.

And Congress Clapped and Clapped
Boy, I could never be in Congress. Besides the obvious reasons, I am too lazy. It would piss me off, all that standing and sitting and standing and clapping and sitting. I’m a big believer in the “save it til the end please, people” theory. At this point in time, and organ grinder and his monkey could have stood up there and performed a Shirley Temple medley, and as long as they closed with an “America the Beautiful” dance routine, there would have been tears. God Bless America.

But nobody really asked me.

What is it Good For?
I was in sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth grade during Desert Storm. That should tell you something right there- not to belittle that particular time in American politics/military action, but I couldn’t tell you exactly when that was. 1991?

I will always remember September 11, though.

I come from a generation ill-prepared for things like this, and completely ignorant about the aspects of war. Our parents and teachers tried, but learning about the Civil and World Wars ranked pretty low on my agenda in school. There were dates to plan, notes to pass, air to let out of tires. There were baseball players to drink with and hall passes to steal. We were busy. And the one “military action” that may have held our interest was VietNam, simply because that was something our parents knew and lived through, even if it never was a “war” by technical standards. Unfortunately, it was so late in the grand scheme of history, I was never taught anything about it in school. I think we might have spent two days on it in ninth grade, but that was always the end of the year. By then, goofing off was priority and the teacher had given up. It wasn’t going to be on the final anyway.

That’s too bad. The only way I was going to learn about VietNam was through school, and they failed. My father sure wasn’t going to talk about it. Why should he? He was raising his daughter in a time of peace. Why revisit. What’s done is done.

I’m not a big fan of war. Right now, this country is one big pep rally. Every highway overpass I drive by has an American flag, or a banner reading “God Bless Us,” “We Shall Overcome”, etc. Great sentiments, really. On Sept. 12, these banners were fresh and clean and new, but they are already a little worse for wear less than two weeks later. Now this could just be shitty imagined foreshadowing on my part, but does this mean something? I’m scared for this unity. I’m scared for next week, month year. Good times!

I’ll eat my bashing words
Bush last night was good. If kept simple, the man’s in the clear. You are witnessing a rare moment, I never like ANYTHING republicans do. Even if their speeches are good, I am a dissecting bitch. Last night, one of the worst things I found was Bush mispronouncing “pro tempore.” Well, that and how he drops the endings of his words when he speaks. I’ll overlook it.

He employed the right words, and that was good. He spoke about vengeance versus justice. He made sure people knew the argument was the Taliban, not the people of Afghanistan or of Arabic descent.

Way to go Dubya. More like this, please.

I am of the belief:
-Ted Nugent could be the solution to a lot of world issues.
-Mike and I have discussed developing a cartoon superhero named “Bankman,” who always has extra envelopes when the ATM runs out. Also, he would be extremely muscular and Third-Reichish looking, blond and tall. But without all the killing and anti-Semitism. I think this would be important, because it would have the whole Swiss bank-account connection thing. And he is Bankman.

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  • Whoa, I just bought Mobilize yesterday. I just put it in to listen to actually.

    And I didn`t see all of Dubya`s speech last night, but I did see him address who *not* to blame and was impressed by that as well.

  • Sometimes, at night, when I think about your e mails/rants/requests, I wonder exactly which part of your head isn’t Y2K compatible, and which part is made of CrazySpam.


  • TR, i miss you so much my heart is splitting in two. to steal a phrase, my heart is splitting like rush limbaugh in capri pants.

    ps, all of it is made of spam, none of it is compatible. i honestly blame it on my parents, i bet i didn’t get vaccinations early enough and so all this is simply brain damage from preventable childhood diseases. those bastards.

    do you like how i simply steal things out of emails to you and recycle them in my posts? that’s some cold shit.


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