bill s.1618 title iii passed by the 105th us congress

skylab (18k image)I am almost done with my taxes. I just finished my Federal and State, but am contemplating filling out a Schedule C for my small business that has still yet to come about in the traditional sense. Turns out i get a pretty nice return. Lucky me. All i can say is that TaxCut is the bomb ass. I just wish it did my Mutual Funds and IRA’s more efficiently. As sucky a thing they are to do, it’s a sigh of relief for me. It reminds me of what a shitty job I dont have is like. And how fun my job is.

In job related news, we had a prospective hire interview with us. She seemed cool, but any art institute graduate is a pretty good red flag. Actually, no she didnt seem cool. She was awful. We asked her if she was in to pop culture. We had to explain to her for 5 minutes what it was. What the fuck?! Also she considered Kinko’s a Print House. Hmmm. And she considered File Maker Pro a scripting language. Ooops. Maybe if she got off her fat ass at the Mac store she works at now and learned something about anything, she’d get a job. Not my problem, but it was worth 30 seconds of my time to write about it.

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Hey Scott!

I am just about finished with my taxes and thought about putting in my LLC Business expences. I am wondering if I should even bother putting this in as a Schedule C this year.

Do you think you’d have some time to talk about this later in the week, if you think it would even be worth it?

Enclosed is my expsense worksheet.

Are all of these expenses valid? Are there any other expenses you’d think I could include, off hand? The LLC was processed July 6th 2001, but I had expenses in anticipation prior to registration.

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Date	Company	Type of Expense	Cost	
04/20/2001 Audio Advisor Music Equipment - Stereo 865.58
05/21/2001 Washington Music Music Equipment - Keyboard 1215.90
05/26/2001 Guitar Center Guitar Cables / Mic Stands 73.45
06/02/2001 Best Buy Printer Cartridge - Color 34.99
06/03/2001 Best Buy Printer Cartridge - BW 26.24
06/09/2001 Post Office PO Box 28.50
06/09/2001 Circuit City Music Equiment - MiniDisc Recorder 270.84
07/06/2001 State of Maryland LLC 62.00
07/14/2001 Barnes and Noble Book - Tape Op 20.95
07/26/2001 Website Domain Register 35.00
08/15/2001 Walter Drake Self Inking Stamp 12.74
08/18/2001 Pearl Arts and Crafts Misc. Art Supplies 12.38
08/27/2001 Be Sweet Buttons Promotional Buttons 65.00
2723.57 TOTAL

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