known as doug and dug

Last night at CD Cellar, Mike and I went on a rampage. Music was bought, afterward, chicken sandwiches at Chili’s were eaten for free. It’s good to have ex-roommates who are in the “food industry” and comp your meals. Even if they aren’t great meals to begin with.

The Golden Palominos-Drunk with Passion
Matthew Jay-Draw
The Bicycle Thief-You Come and Go Like a Pop Song
Import Single of Elvis’ “Little Atoms-
Geggy Tah- Into the Oh
Theme music from “I Love Lucy” (Like, Desi Arnaz sings “Baby We’ll Build a Bungalow.”)

Also I bought some more Delta 72. All in all a very successful night, and the Mod Salesguy was there. This guy is MOD. Great mod hair.

And if you don’t own The Bicycle Thief, then FOR SHAME ON YOU. I love this album. I had it on repeat all last night and this morning and in my car. I want to marry it.

Also, the Samples are on Friday, and I got Ryan Adams tickets.

Other Things

My allergies are once again out of control. Or maybe it’s a plain cold. Either way, I hate not being able to breathe. It’s miserable. But it’s nice, almost comforting, to have something so petty to complain about. Maybe this means things are getting back to normal. But is normal good or bad? No, things are not normal. Definitely not. It’s so complicated.

And More on Music

Is the Ben Folds live version better than Martsch’s Built to Spill version? Riddle me this.

Twin Falls

Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho’s her oldest memory
she was only 2
it was the first time she felt blue
cafeteria, Harrison Elementary
beneath a parachute
saw her without shoes
Seven-Up, I touched her thumb and she knew it was me
although she couldn’t see
unless of course she peeked
my mom’s good she got me out of
Twin Falls, Idaho
before I got too old
well, you know how that goes
that’s where she still was the summer she turned 17
three weeks after me
so, last I heard, she had twins
or maybe it was three
although I’ve never seen
that don’t bother me

11 Responses to “known as doug and dug”

  • Does the “I Lve Lucy” album have “babaloo” on it??

  • which delta 72?

    i like the ben folds one…they are just different…

    i only really like the KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET record though…

  • yes babaloo.

    delta 72, i just bought 000 to replace the one I have been borrowing for 6 months or so. i finally returned it. I was on the lookout for “soul of a New Machine” but I couldnt find it nowhere. sigh.

  • the only one on 000 i really liked was the acoustic one…

    get this one:
    The Soul of a New Machine

    it rules

  • i know! i wanted it! they didnt have it! refer below!

    bicycle thief is delish. by the way.

  • The Bicycle Thief absolutely floored me when I saw them. I hadn’t heard of them at all, but they had completely won me over. They are opening for They Might Be Giants in San Francisco tonight. I really want to go, but I’m afraid my car might die.

  • grrrowr. you saw them? I think they might only be a california thing right now, am I right?
    so good.

    I heard of them only because I got this desparate email from a friend in LA a few months ago begging me to go buy.

  • Actually, they went on a national tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots about a year ago. They’ve been around. Bob Forrest was in a band called Thelonious Monster before The Bicycle Thief that was fairly popular. They were on the Tapeheads soundtrack.

    I’m still baffled as to how they are not huge right now. I think a lot of it has to do with their non-existant internet presence. Someone should do something about that.

  • yea! you bought matthew jay!!

  • yeah, but if it’s Bicycle Thief vs. Ananda Lewis, who could honestly choose which to dedicate oneself wholly to? The Internet is a sacred marriage. It’s aboot dedication.

    Kidding. Fuck yes, someone should do something about that. MMMM, they’re good. They had toured before? I am a wad, living under a rock. Have patience with me.

  • i know not Bicycle Thief, but Kevin Fitzgerald (formerly of thee almighty Geraldine Fibbers) played drums for them for a while, although i don’t think still. so coolness points for that.

    what’s on the Little Atoms single? anything neat and squishy and exclusive that isn’t on the ATUB reissue?

    and no, i’m not sure what i meant by “squishy” back there

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