just like prague

One nice thing:

When I’m driving all alone, late at night, down Route 66, and it’s getting colder. I have my sunroof open, and no cars are around me, and good car music is on, like Elvis Costello, Mojave 3 or Sebadoh, or the White Stripes, or maybe Furslide or maybe Ryan Adams, or the mixtape Sig Other made for me before I moved to Idaho, the one titled “Ass Penny,” for some reason. All this, and I have a full tank of gas. So if I wanted to, I could keep driving north, or turn around and drive South, for as long as I wanted to. For as long as I still had gas. Even though I don’t keep driving, it’s comforting to know I could. If I wanted to.

Also, Mat is pretty nice.

Other nice things:

* Coffee. On kind of chilly days when you snuggle and read books about travel. I hope it stays chilly tonight, I’d like to wear a sweater. Maybe Mike and I will go to Borders tonight and snuggle in big chairs, and read about Tahiti. Or Prague! Yes, that is what I’ll do tonight. The chairs, as I told Mike, will have to be comfy. Otherwise my ADD will kick in and then I can’t sit on furniture even. I’ll be too restless. But if I find a good book, a reall REALLY good one, about Prague, then it will be good. Totally coffee.

* Half.com, I have CDs coming! I have Grant Lee Phillips and the old White Stripes and Dismemberment Plan “!” because I don’t own that one. All being delivered to my house for under $40.

* Cottage Cheese. I had some for dinner last night. It was good. One Friday along time ago, Mike went to the grocery store and he bought Cottage Cheese and milk and cheddar cheese cubes and I think maybe frozen mozarella sticks or something, and the checkout woman looked at him funny and Mike said “It’s for my dairy theme party tonight.” She didn’t laugh, but I thought it was genius.

And while I’m talking about theme parties…

* Theme Parties. I love the idea of theme parties. Like the girl Deidre who I went to school with, she had a gerbil party once. She covered the floors with sawdust and hung liquor bottles from the ceiling, with those animal/sucking attachment things you see in water bottles on rodent cages? And then people had to walk around and drink from the hanging bottles.

Also, Deidre had a sixth-grade make-out party once. You couldn’t leave til you had made out with someone in a back room. Both funny AND somewhat irresponsible, but in a safe way.

I wonder whatever happened to people like her?

* Prague. I haven’t been, but it’s a good thing. I just know it.

* Red scarfs. red scarfs look good on everyone, and look especially nice with my 80s denim jacket, or with my black peacoat. Red scarves are cheery.

* Mail. Like from Lorie who sent me a postcard just to tell me her new address, when she totally could have just emailed everyone. Lorie has the dopest handwriting EVER.

Okay, now I have to go work, but there are still a lot of good things left in the world. See? Like Prague.

PS Goodbye, Fridge.

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