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Two postily posts, one postily day! You lucky dogs. Why is it almost 6 and I am still at work. Meh. Being angry is tiring. I have wrinkles.

Anyways. Everything has been so SERIOUS. Rightfully, but like Mat, I’ve said my piece. More Normal Elle.

As of 5:58 pm, I still hate Jerry Falwell though.

I blatantly stole this from Mary Chen at I take no credit for the format. She is at least a thousand cool points up on me.

I am going to do these things in order to be a better Elle.

1) Not be so stupid all the time.
2) Eliminate potty mouth; stop stealing ideas.
3) Act like Jesus or other good people, esp. to poor or stupid. And potty mouth.
4) Not bite nails so much til they bleed.
5) Posture, posture, posture.
6) Vitamin per dayish.
7) Walk. Or run.
8) less liquid coke intake. Esp diet.
9) keep not smoking crack, heroin. good job, elle!
10) Patient and nice to people, even stupid ones.
11) rollerblade
12) be nice(r) to boys; other people who wrongfully wear socks in bed.

Let’s also take a look at another set of Elle-building exercises and see how I’ve fared.

1) Stop biting nails.

2) Get svelte.

3) Write something and submit it to an actual publication that actually publishes to the actual public.
Haven’t even tried. So much for the Great American Novel. Maybe it’s because I steal so many posts from other people, and use a lot of “fucks.” Failed.

4) Learn rhythm. Learn to dance like normal person.

5) Buy more CDs
Done, done and DONE!

6) Quit bitching about work.
Slowly improving. I still hate PowerPoint, but it is fun to watch the animation fly around.

7) Go skiing.

8) Cool clothes for first time in life; try desparately to be fashion conscience if not hip. no Old Navy.
Mmmmmmm… I’d have to say failed.

9) Poke at John Cusack, become his friend and maybe assistant.

10) Write real letters to J. and Ryan and important people like that who I love. Not emails.

11) Alcohol.

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