mat and astromat

al and zac have a doggy named shelby, she is horribly mistreated and al and zac might go to hell!  good times!So, my parents have a Commodore 84 in the attic of their house. I have been contemplating this thing for quite some time. It has no redeeming value, and at one time my brother stole the piss-poor monitor to hook up a thrift store Atari game. When we were 12 or so, it was already the biggest pile of shit ever, but you could play Lemmings on it and I actually typed a school paper on it one time too. It had a printer that had the holes on each side of the green-stripedy computer paper? Rad. It also had margins that you couldn’t change, so your paragraphs were only able to be 2 or 3 inches across. This machine serves no purpose.

I don’t want to tell Sig Other about it, because he has been dying to find a big piece of machineary to throw into a quarry in Harrisonburg, Va. Really just to see the splash. My mother was weakened almost to the point of giving Sig her old stove, but decide to donate it to charity at the last minute instead. Now he’s looking for a car. He thinks he can jump out in time. I don’t want to talk about it. Where was I?

Oh yes, the computer. I have a plan. There is really only one thing to do with it, and I have been contemplating the risks vs. benefits for some time now.

Piece by piece, I feel it should be eaten. This could take a long long time, but it could be done I think. I might be just the girl to do it. Really, the only thing that concerns me is lead poisoning. The actual eating of it wouldn’t be any big deal. I mean, we are talking over a year or two of saw off parts and incorporating them into my frozen dinners.

Burp. Also, I would need to borrow some kind of hacksaw for this.

PS I saw the Strokes last night. If you were on the O-M BB’s of Love, you could see what I said. But you aren’t. So what gives?

PPS You should definitely go read the Schumin Web. I can’t believe I haven’t brought this up before. It is Par Excelence!


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