are you having fun yet?

I just got an email from an old friend of mine. Freshman year in college we hung out, but I haven’t really seen or talked to him much since. Apparently he’s living up in NYC.

My two great favorite stories about Gwyeth aren’t all that great favorite to other people, actually, they are pointless. But they bring me back memories. Memories of being a seductress and screwing with other people’s boyfriend’s and never going to class and living with a Jesus Freak who I love to death. Jul’s was the best. She used to retrieve clothes for me and lie to people and yell at stalkers. Good times. Where was I? Oh, yeah, hanging with Gwyeth and Scott. Those happy-go-lucky bastards. How did such happy guys want to hang out with moody ol’ me? I’ll never know.

Anyways, in my dorm room freshman year, I had a big Andrew Wyeth poster hanging on my wall. When I moved out at the end of the year, I had to pay a fine because Gwyeth in permanent marker had added a big G to the left of the poster. G WYETH. Also, Gwyeth made me fail my “Math of Stupid People, Art Majors, and Jocks” final because he kidnapped me and made me go to Waffle House with him at 3:00 am, for like HOURS. For those of you who are not from the dirty south, Waffle Houses are KEY, and the waitresses there are bomb. They are always named things like Ginger and never have full sets of teeth. I thought about applying there once, just for the paper hats.

Gwyeth’s all successful now. He says hi.


I was thinking yesterday how I have a mouth like a sailor a lot, and how that’s trashy but I think it’s funny, so be it. But I was also thinking about how I always say “Oh, God” a lot, like in conversation or if someone is wearing a heinous shirt I kind of wish I owned, or if the beer I’m drinking is really good or during orgasm. Ha ha, I shocked you. Anyways, I thought about all the “Oh, Gods” or “Goddamns” or “God Almighty’s” I’ve said in my lifetime, and I’m thinking the count is probably up to about 20,000 or so by now. But all those times I’ve “taken the Lord’s name in vain”, I’ve never actually just said hi. So I stopped this morning and waved at the sky. And my neighbor saw me (his name is Terry, he has a speech impediment) and he waved back. SO I smiled and kept walking. What was I going to do?

So, hi God.

Television Ruined my Life

Sig Other and I have been taping and watching every episode of “Band of Brotehrs,” the Spielberg/Hanks thing on HBO. Comments? Who saw last nights? Don’t all dork out on me and get on your soapboxes about how Speilberg using CGI dork dork dork and that makes him Satan. Or how Steve Guttneberg could have been as great as Tom Hanks given he didn’t get involved with children’s films/eating brains. I just want to know what you thought of the series.

(PS, I say these things because fellow dorks can do that. It’s all about the OM luv, baby. I myself, happen to be in love with someone who collects light sabers. It happens. Or is that “sabres?”)

Neighborhood, Halloween, Etc.

Speaking of Terry and my neighborhood, the Monkey-cat was spotted again squirming into a sewer. Fucking creepy.

I want to wear my Bjork costume to work, I’m thinking the feathery white skirt can at leat be appropriate as a casual office separate. With a nice sweater set or blazer, I am bound to go far in the corporate military world.

Also, Charlie the Llama, brought to you by TR.


Strokes tonight. Who will I be seeing there? Also, “Change” is really good, you should go buy it I think.

Even though they pay me, I’m still a hippie goth at heart.

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