yeah, that


I am so back in town, but work is fucking with me and giving me things to do. Which I don’t quite understand.

Anthrax, Penis Joke

Anyways, any minute now I expect to come down with anthrax, so I’m just really biding my time. Let me tell you, I have seen a lot of “SUSPICIOUS PACKAGES” in my day, but none of them had to do with bacteria.

At least I don’t think. Ha ha, you KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Just kidding. God, that was awful. You’d think I’d go to Ye Merry Olde England and be positively affected by that wacky Brit sense of humor, but no. Penis jokes always win in the end.

Football, White Traash

I went to the Redskins game yesterday, I made them win. Black Magic Woman.

Enough About Me, Enough About You

And how was everyone else’s weeks?

Extras, Miscellaneous

PS Also I bought CDs in London. Also I bought PINK SUEDE ASSKICKING Doc Marten mules in Covent Garden, because, people, that is what you do in Covent Garden. I did not, however, make it to Cameron Locke, but I did make my in-her-50s-not-so-hip MOMMY go to the Tate Modern with me, which was a life-altering experience. “Mom, meet video art of naked people being bloody and beaten and sexually assaulted. Naked people, meet my mom.” It’s ART, Mom. It’s EXPRESSIVE. In retaliation, she made me go see Lion King in the Theatre District. All’s fair in art and family. My art is buying pink shoes and socking it to you. Suckas.

Pictures and stories posted soon! My cyber and paper Inboxes overfloweth. Damn the man, stay funky. like Al.

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