the f-14 tomcat is my personal fave

let’s make a TRADE!! (U-WIRE) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — David Mamet, the writer and director of “Heist,” is a genius. He made a crappy movie with a minimum amount of thought and effort and used this shameless vehicle to heist seven dollars out of my pocket and two hours from my life.

So I saw Heist last night with Mikey and Sig. It was worth it to see the exceptionally pretty trailer for Vanilla Sky again. God, it is pretty. And the flash website is also very pretty. Pretty pretty! Pretty people! Pretty images! Pretty text! The only thing that isn’t so pretty is Penelope Cruz’s crazy overbite, but I’ll get over it. She’s on top, after all. She’s the Alpha Overbite.

Also, The Royal Tenenbaums comes out on December 14th. That website is much better than anything else. Probably ever. Much better than work, anyways, a lot of which I haven’t been doing because of this. Oh my god is this movie going to be good.

And, um, in other news….


ENDURING FREEDOM PICTURE CARDS presents the New War on Terrorism in a format that children understand. Not included are the disturbing images shown repeatedly on national newscasts. Instead, Topps has chosen to focus on America’s strengths -its elected leaders, the security of its military, its worldwide support…and the courage and unity of its people.

Topps, the beloved Will Clark-producing (I SO HAVE HIS ROOKIE!) trading card company of my youth, is honest-to-effing-God selling “Operation Enduring Freedom” trading cards. I saw it, but I didn’t believe it. But I should of. But. But.

In order to start yer collecting, you need this. You may find this amazingly boring, but I just spent a good chunk of the afternoon going through this list to find my FAVORITE AMERICA FREAKS OUT CIA AND DOD PIN-UP BOYS! Harry Shelton, meee-OWW! He’s got great eyes. But Ari Fleischer, he’s COMPLICATED. So I kinda like him too. OMG.

I’ve heard sept. 11 made this a whole new America. I’m glad to see “they” were wrong. We will survive. We will remain strong. We will….market the hell out of anything.

So here’s the thing- I am ALL ABOUT starting an O-M trading ring for these suckas. You all know my feelings on trading cards in general, they kick serious ass.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

2. New York Harbor, Before Sept. 11, 2001
3. An Attack On Freedom
4. Old Glory Drapes The Damaged Pentagon5. Bush Calls NYC Mayor GiulianiTO THE RESCUE
6. Bush Embraces New York’s Rescue Workers
7. New York’s Bravest Toil, Undaunted
8. Relief Volunteers At Giants Stadium
9. Bush Comforts Giuliani And Pataki
11. Flowers Outside U.S. Embassy In Beijing
12. Israel’s Foreign Minister Peres Pledges Friendship
13. Ottawa Rallies To Honor America
14. Chirac Leads France In A Moment Of Silence
15. Britain’s Tony Blair, A Staunch Ally
16. Arafat Gives Blood For Americans
17. President Putin Addresses Russians18. NATO Stands Tall Alongside America
19. Osama Bin Laden: The Suspected Ringleader
20. German Police Hunt For Clues In Hamburg
21. Investigators Comb Pennsylvania Site
22. Police Search Suspect’s Home In FloridaAMERICA UNITES
23. Congressional Moment Of Silence
24. Wall Street Reopens25. Bush Rebukes Anti-Muslim Sentiment In U.S.
26. Former Presidents Unite At The Day Of Prayer
27. Bush And His Cabinet Gather At Camp David
28. The National Security Council Convenes
29. Bush Receives Update From Giuliani
30. Director George Tenet Heads The CIA
31. Rangel, Schumer, Clinton Meet With Bush
32. FBI Director Mueller Addresses The Media
33. Secretary Of State Powell Meets The Press
34. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Makes A Point
35. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor
36. Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs, Henry Shelton
37. New York Governor George Pataki
38. Vice President Richard Cheney
39. President Bush Addresses Congress
40. Mayor Giuliani Gives The “Thumbs Up”
41. Congressional Leaders Lott, Hastert, Daschle
42. FEMA Director Allbaugh Meets With Bush
43. U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
44. U.S. Secretary Of Transportation Norman Mineta
45. U.S. Secretary Of Homeland Security Tom Ridge
46. Bush Assures The Nation: “We Will Not Fail”
47. President Bush Rallies The Troops
48. B-2 Spirit Bomber Prepares For Refueling
49. F-16C Fighting Falcon Patrols The Skies50. F-16C Fighting Falcon Fires A Weapon
51. F-15C Eagle – Fast, Maneuverable, Mighty
52. F-15A Eagle Rolls And Launches A Missile
53. Fighter Jets Refuel In Midair
54. B-1B Bomber Flies Long-Range Missions
55. B-1B Lancer And F-15 Eagle, In Formation56. B-52 Bomber Flies A Low-Level Mission
57. MC-130H Refueling Aircraft Drops Flares
58. AC-130 Spectre – Versatile, Heavily Armed
59. Air Force Special Ops Fly Pave Hawk Choppers
60. Air Force’s SOS MH-53J Pave Low IIIE
61. F-16s Deliver Fierce Firepower
62. USS Winston Churchill – Courageous Namesake
63. F/A-18C Hornet, Aboard USS Enterprise
64. USS Carl Vinson, Stationed In The Persian Gulf
65. Army Paratroopers Boarding An Aircraft
66. Apache, Flown By The Army’s Special Ops
67. Army Special Ops – Troops At The Ready
68. Air Force AWACS Plane – Eye In The Sky
69. F-14A Tomcat Taxis Aboard USS Enterprise
70. 82nd Airborne Troops At Fort Bragg, N.C.
71. Kiowa Warriors Support The 82nd Airborne
72. Prepping Aircraft Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt
73. USS Cole Returns To Action On The High Seas
74. Sailors Aboard The USS Theodore Roosevelt
75. USS George Washington Off The Coast Of New York
76. Patriotic Farewell For USS TheodoreRoosevelt
77. Britain’s HMS Cornwall Heads To Oman
78. Readying Jets Aboard The USS Enterprise
79. Hawkeye Radar Plane Takes Off
80. Navy F/A-18 Hornets In Formation
81. Air Operations On The USS Theodore Roosevelt
82. Air Force F-16: Ready For Action
83. EA-6B Prowler: Good To Go84. F-117 Stealth Fighter Climbs Skyward85. Marines Head Out For Overseas Duty
86. C-17 Transport Plane Takes Off
87. KC-135: Fueling Station In The Sky
88. Air Assault Soldier Rappels From A Chopper
89. USS Kitty Hawk Leaves Japanese Waters

Also, I have “Harry Potter” tickets for Sunday. I know, I know. Please, punch me in the neck.

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