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I am in a serious FUNK! And I’m not talking good funk either. I’m talking BAD DIRTY funk. Funk dat.

I’ve been sans computer for some few days now, ick, and I had to go to “training yesterday” (double ick) which I was late for because of an unfortunate parking lot incident I don’t want to talk about right now. I know you all missed me, but I am back and I will try to have something slightly interesting to say without having anyone get all up in my grill about what a stereotyping, generalizing, overly-opinionated piece of shit asshole I am. But I think Mat has that covered. I’ll just be the whiny bitch sidekick.

Upcoming Good Stuff: Who Needs a Yahoo Calendar Anyway?

-Sometime in late November, I get a new scanner so I can post fun pictures!
-Nov. 16, Douglas Coupland at Olsson’s Books in DC
-Nov. 17, 2nd Annual Columbia Thanksgiving Festivities starring BEER and FOOD and PLAYING
-Nov. 18, I got me some “Harry Potter” tickets. Yes, I am a superdweeb.
-Nov. 22, Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks with Sig Other
-Nov. 30, Dress Up Holiday Work Party with Open Bar
-Dec. 7, Work Potluck and Santa

All this, and “Ab Fab’s” new season just started. Things just HAVE to get better.

For the Holidays

The Pixies: The Complete B Sides
Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker
Risque Rhythm: Nasty 50’s R and B
J.Crew Supersoft Shetland Crewneck in Mineral Heather
Ionic Toothbrush Purification System from Sharper Image
Books, any kinds


Monday I had the day off. I went with my mother to InstyPrints in my ol’ hometown, which is kind of like a Kinkos. Point is, the InstyPrints is next to a ROBOTICS LAB! In fucking STERLING VIRGINIA! I am in heaven, it is so cool. The robots look like 50’s robots, all red and silver and black, and they’re like MAN-bots! They look kind of like Johnny Five from “Short Circuit”, only better. Maybe more like Rosie from “The Jetsons.

There was never anything that cool when I lived there. I so would have scored a part-time job there.

This is so ridiculously fucking cool.

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