gloria estafan chows down

dude, mat’s TEMPTATIONING! He looks so like a sexy rocker.This is by far my favorite Mat picture, he looks like a foxxxy rocker with a slight heroin problem. In related news, parts of my family started rehab today. Yay for genetics! Yay for heads made of CrazySpam!

So I have been without email at work for a few days now, and it is rilly killing me hardcore. Even sometimes around here I do what some people call WORK, and sans email, work is hard.

That’s why lunch breaks have been long.

I Am Of The Bleeef:

–I have not been Believing stuff nearly enough
–Lists are super fun.
–Target is even more super fun. I bought fun stuff!
–I think there should be a show called “Goth Temptation Island”, where Goths duke it out over girls in capes and boys in jackboots. You would never be able to pull me away from my television set, I’d start fucking FANSITES GALORE on that shit. I am a genius.
–“The Tick” is on tonight, and goddamn that makes me hiz-appy.

Music Makes the People Sleep Together

I was listening to the Golden Palominos in my car today, and I realized that after I OD’d on concerts in September I haven’t really gone to any lately. That statement doesn’t really have anything to do with the Golden Palominos. Anyhoo. Besides the Strokes, and that didn’t really count because I had barely finished my ML (MILLER LITE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!) before the concert was finished, I haven’t seen anything good lately.

Stereolab w/ Quasi on TUE. NOV. 13 for $15.00.
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, w/ The Lapse on WED. NOV. 14 for $15.00

50 Hail Marys

Want to hear something funny sick? The Catholics for Free Choice office on the second floor in our little building received a package with white powder inside this morning. The building is sealed off – no one canleave and one of my bosses is stuck outside because he walked from home. The FBI, firemen, police, etc. all arrived. Who would have thought that Catholics for Free Choice had some enemies?

Dude. Their enemies are the CATHOLICS.

D: Eric just called one of his friends and asked him if he would dress like a cop and strip for me. I really don’t think he was kidding. I heart strippers
E: oh, but i missed your emails most of all.
D: AND LIKEWISE! Do I look like the kind of girl who would find cops sexy? Or do strippers just always go incognito as law enforcement officials? I really don’t know,alls I do know is one of us is certainly going to be fired by the end of the day. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta accountant

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