go white boy, it’s yer birthday

There was some discussion today about whether Jesus was gay or not. Because Mat wanted to know why some Christians hate the gays. Many opinions were offered. Some seem to think Jesus just might be jealous of the supreme fashion sense. Super.

I myself am a big fan of Jesus and God. I think These Cats probably have great senses of humor.

After all, the Big Men Upstairs decided to let Loudoun County VA allow for a mosque to be built in the backyard of one of the most heinous mysgonist bigots (interestingly disguised as a Christian) I have ever met. This guy sucks donkey. I know the mosque groundbreaking ceremony recently must have sent him into cardiac arrest, which i guess is better than sending him for his deer rifle. What an ass. Anyway, this recent religious event makes me oddly happy. The Muslims had no place to worship, and God found them the perfect place. God then flipped the guy I know the bird.

Also, the Brunching Shuttlecocks at brunching.com has made it pretty clear that Jesus loves a game of one-on-one. Fun loving and athletic!

Even if He does taunt the short kids

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