Fortune and Time Inc.

So, last week I had the pleasure of stepping foot on Time Inc. property. I had the absolute joy of going into the bowels of Fortune magazine. The elevators were swankier than Goldman, Sachs & Co., they were far more superior above CBS, and about the size of my apartment. The cubicles are mini offices, just without doors. I just so happened to score an October 1996 issue of Fortune Magazine, the thoughts of wealth and selling it on ebay to pay next month’s cable bill have entered my mind quite a few times while passing it on the coffee table. People are paying so much money, for such crap these days, it’s sort of scary. Since, I did have the issue and on the cover of the issue it says, “Why Bonds are going to be Better than Stocks this year.” This in itself was hilarious (along with the rest of the capitalist angry whiteman mantra.) Inside there was an article claiming that a paper route as a kid is as slave-like and child labor induced as oh, say Nike in Indonesia. The whole article is about how in countries where wealth is not even to be heard of, these children that are working seven days a week for seventeen cents a week are happy to have jobs! It was just their misfortune not to be conceived in the land of opportunity and to not be overbearing white men who have always had wealth and have never had to even imagine poverty. Basically, this article said that because the GDP is $600 that these children are lucky they can help their families and that is far more money than what they need. Um, does anyone else see the problem with this thinking?

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