That New York City Feeling

So, since there has been all this talk about New York City and the WB Network has brought back Felicity (and taken off Young Americans) this is my tribute to the girl who cut her hair far too short. When I was eighteen I moved to New York. That same year Felicity Porter (Kerri “Your real name is not Felicity?” Russel) moved to go to the University of New York and to follow Ben (Scott “Oh my beefy man” Speedman). My year and Felicity’s were not completely the same, but in all I was the real Felicity. I was just starting out in New York, not chasing a hottie like Ben, however I was chasing a dream like he is…(make sense? if not drop me an email.)

This first year was absolute shit for Felicity and absolute shit for me. Thoroughly convinced they had taken my life and blown it up (while making me tall, skinny, and have really great hair) I religiously watched the show. Felicity’s year, last year sucked so bad that they were thinking of canceling the show, well Felicity fans and writers, I have figured out why you were about to cancel “my” life series. I was actually in Florida last year, so the material became complicated to replicate, I understand that now, and this year I promise you all I will make my life much more interesting, fun filled, and way hot boy filled too;).

Last year on Felicity, it was a mess (just as in Florida for me, coincidence? I think not.) Ben was with a married chick, Javier got married, Ben got back with Felicity, Felicity got with Noel, Noel fell in love with Ruby, Ruby got knocked up, Sean was in love with the Pink Power Ranger, and the goth roommate was in love with Sean, fickle? complicated? 90210-like? I know…but I’m sorry friends, so goes my life. I was in New York, I hated it, I moved to Florida, I loved it for about two weeks and then was tortured, loved having my friends back, but missed the wealth and security of New York, and wanted to finish my dreams here. fickle? complicated? 90210-like? Dear friends, that was my life.

Alas, I am back in the city I love and dreamt of. I am back like Felicity, for round two (three for her though). I am anxiously waiting for the new season, to see the twists and turns of my life replicated on the WB Network. Let’s all wish Felicity good luck, because as well all know, Felicity is really K, but with a hot boyfriend and rich parents.

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