November 7th is on its way

bush and jesus?We are now officially at the ten day mark, ten days until we find a little glimpse of what the next four years of our lives may hold. This whole subway series zaniness it just the predecessor to next week for me. This is all personal opinion here, so if I offend anyone – go on and be merry, because it’s not a personal attack on anyone it’s all a part of me.

So, legitimately we have three choices, I do not. I have two choices, both are looking pretty grim, pretty scary, falsified and not very intelligent. Bush is well educated, but how he got as far in life as he did, baffles me. Gore is educated as well, and we all know the ways in which both candidates got this far. I can’t identify with either, they certainly are not speaking to me when they debate, they are more than likely not speaking to anyone, but making a fancy show of political analysts that have done their body language homework.

As far as Ralph Nader, I’m just afraid that all these people that are apparently, voting with their conscience and not picking the less evil of the two will be the people that will get Bush elected in California and ultimately in the rest of the country. Honestly, I have not watched Nader’s campaign because I find it will no doubt be a fluke. I’m sorry for the Nader supporters, but my god I can’t imagine a country that I could live in where there is a slight chance that I’ll have to go back to the wire hanger or unsafe non-steralized abortion method. That is the scariest thought for me. This campaign is not about Social Security (because I did just see a man all 135 yrs old of him spend $200 on lotto tickets) it’s not about foreign policy and trading with China (even though Japan has some rocking ass Uni-Ball pens- the two have obviously nothing to do with the other but:) this election is about keeping my job and my life intact and having a kid would ultimately demolish both of those.

So, yeah…I’m scared…it’s personal entirely for me. It’s my first election where I’ll be voting, unfortunately these are the two choices I have been given, as with the rest of my life, I am trying to work within the constraints that have been handed to me. That’s what this year is about – working with what you’ve been handed.

I wish I could tell everyone that I’m going out there and I’m gung-ho about getting a female VP instead of a man who has shunned his own daughter’s lifestyle, but I’m not. In all reality, if I were younger, living at home with my parents (or had someone else to pay the bills) and didn’t have to worry about where the economy will be in four years, where the fake internet money is going to come from, where my tax dollars really are going, than I think I’d be singing a much different tune. I know this, because when I did live at home and wasn’t fearful of a recession every day of my life, I wanted Ross Perot to win. It’s not a matter of maturity, it’s more a matter of securing my life-style with someone I know isn’t the best man for the job, but the best man to not screw things up so much so that I’ll be living in Canada a year from now.

This is the point where as an American I go into that booth and I vote. I put my word in for the candidate that I think will further us along. Fortunately, this being my pay-the-bills gig, I’m getting pretty good at it. Hopefully, I won’t regret my decision and have to write Gore up for anything. So, I leave you with the knowledge of who I am voting for. Whether it be a man with a billion and a half plans and no action, or a man who gets an insane gleam in his eye when he says the word “execution”, these two are my personal choices, Nader is in there – but he’s been taken out of my ballot.

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  • YAY! its so refreshing to see someone young make a comment on politics, even if it is just to say “blegh” about it all.

    I’m in 110% agreement with you– I would vote for Nader if gore was ahead by a lot. But the polls are too close, and I’m the first to admit I’m chickenshit. Voting for Nader makes me tres anxious.

    disclaimer: i know O-M don’t have nuthin to do with my opinions, but………….

    (from a liberal pro-choice female in her mid-twenties….. a recommendation (to people both anti anti-choice and middle-of-the-line-don’t-know)
    Every year across the country Choice USA runs the Gloria Steinem Leadership Institute. It is EXTREMELY educational and interesting. It talks a lot about politics and how politics effects the pro-choice movement in America. It’s a great little seminar, I know they’re held in NYC every year. Let me know if you are interested and I can give whomever info on it- it’s usually only a weekend gig.

    Pleaes people, go vote. if bush ends up the head, not only will our foreign relations become an international, perhaps even cosmic, joke; but that means the Supreme Court turns Repub. and we lose hundreds of years of advancement. I’m pissed enough about Robb getting the crap kicked out of him by Allen for senate; the state of VA is royally screwed.

    goreish for now,

  • I am still voting for Frank Zappa.

    No question.

    Get a clue.

  • m- i can dig that. what the hell.

    zappa for president it is.


  • >this election is about keeping my job and my life intact and having a kid would ultimately demolish both of those.

    are you fucking jokin me??
    so your more important than everyone else? who the fuck cares if all ther elderly are poor. the guy you saw spending 4100 on lotto tickets was an exception, my grandparents get $900 a month from SS. i couldnt live on that and i give them $200/mo just so they can eat.
    why dont you stop thinking of yourself all the time.. thats all you ever do on this board.
    fuck free trade (my lively hood).. fuck taxes, as long as you can have an abortion its cool with you. in pro abortion for the fact that noone shuld tell us what to do with our bodies… but if you cant handle a kid dont fuck, plain and simple. try some slef restraint. its not that hard.

  • absolutely she is evidently better than you… simply based on the fact that your grammar is awful…

  • maybe i didnt get that far in school…
    I had to work, sorry! ill try harder.

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