The Feeling of a Good Mix Tape

Ah, is there anything better than receiving a *really* good mix tape? I think Nick Hornby summed it up perfectly in High Fidelity. “Life really is top five lists and making a mix tapes for your girlfriend.” (Or a close friend that lives in New York City).

I received an amazing package today and I’m still reeling from it’s wealth. For the past five or so weeks I have been hearing about this “great package, K, you are going to LOVE me for this thing!” and I’ve been hounding and begging for this stupid CD that turned out to not be just one cd. This package turned out to be the Mecca of packages. Actually, all things related to my friend Stephen that are in cardboard and postmarked seem to be the most fabulous items in the world. It’s like going to India for trinketts but never really having to leave New York. Finally, this morning the package arrived.

The package in all it’s glory was just sitting there on my doorstep saying, “bring me on the subway, listen to thy glory whilst your commute” (old school slang and all.) So, I threw down my Milan Kundera book and shot for the portable. I decided not to open the package until I was finally settled and sitting on the subway. I didn’t realise that UPS is mad into the glory of tape and I had to rip the box apart with my keys…people looked at me funny…but the box was open!

What was in this ultra sheek, insanely cool box you ask? 2 double disc CDs, one of Beth Orton live/Bsides and another of Soul Coughing live/Bsides and rarities, and two mix tapes – the new PJ Harvey, Bjork, Hybrid and Jets to Brazil. A wacky genre mix for a wacky kinda girl.

What did I put in first you ask? Since, it was the a.m. commute I decided to throw on the Beth Orton. How was the CD?


I don’t know what it could be or has been about mix tapes (and now with the wave of technology with burned CDs,) but there isn’t anything like the light of beauty that is someone’s illegible scrawl on the side of a cassette tape. When someone takes the time to carefully edit and mix and match a tape to exactly what they believe you will know deep in the seat of your soul is truly perfect for your listening tastes, that is love. That my friends, is a mix tape a la stephen.

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