The Rush

don't you eat that yellow snow!Today, I came home to find, yet another package. It was wonderfully placed in front of the very first door of my apartment. (There are three for some reason.) I walked in and immediately thought it was a delayed gift that would then have made everything seemless, but perfection was never really me. I brought the package up stairs, put my stuff down and left it on the counter. I took all of the recycling I needed to out into the bitterly cold weather of New York City and ran back upstairs.

When I came in I headed straight for the plain brown box with my name on it. I ripped it open like a 3 year old, totally giddy and excited. I took the scissors and tore that bad boy open. Inside was a perfectly wrapped present and a card. The card was from our lovely Web Guru, Mr. Mat. I contemplated waiting to open the gift until Christmas and then threw that out the window, I decided to celebrate the second day of Chanananukah. In the lovely wrapping paper was a silver Dream Book Journal (you can see my dreaming woes on the OM BBS of Love).

It’s almost that time, it’s about the time that I pick up my boyfriend from the Airport at 2 am. I’ve reserved the cab since it’s supposed to be -15 degrees, oh yeah this Florida girl is totally psyched. I’m also missing the Florida crew. This year is going to be significantly different than the last. Last year I was dressing up and driving down Cove Road with my girl Shannnon trying to figure out who would be the designated driver. Because she’s the bestest she was the alcohol free one. We all exchanged our Secret Santa gifts and my frien T-roy turned out to be my super special santa. I still have the ring he gave me, it’s perfectly picked and designed and resized to fit me ring finger perfectly.

I miss you guys, and I love you, and I hope all of your Christmas wishes dazzle you.

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