Today was…

i forget why i did this kristen!Today was a day to…

…sit and talk to your best friend.

…tell someone you love them

…watch felicity (yay! ac!)

…eat mcdonald’s and watch 90210.

…also watch a rerun of dawson’s creek.

…love someone like pacey loves joey.

…have someone love me like lloyd dobbler.

…let go of stress and the monotonous procedures of the holidays.

…put everything humanly possible off until tomorrow.

…sit in front of three candles and divine the nature of your being

Today was December 13th and it was the day that George W. Bush would be the President Elect. Only, a few steps from a cowboy hat and pitchfork in our Whitehouse and on our Hill. Al Gore is making his historic speech to concede, he is turning down the votes that are clearly his due to our Supreme Court system. I thought that in the highest ruling court we would have some sense, apparently I was naive. Apparently, I thought that perhaps being a judge you could shut-off your political backing, kind of like when police offers can see any brutality without bringing it home (or so I’ve been told). Kids, it’s over. I’m packing it in, I’m strapping myself into the rollercoaster seat and I’m just going to ride this one out. Texas goes to the White House…hell if Arkansas did, why not him? We’re just going to have to watch this. Insure our homes and belongings and grab health insurance as fast as we possibly can, yet also buy stock in the insurance industry so we can not only get sick, but pay for it when we do! This will be my last post as “assignment Presidential Coverage” comes to a close. I will now, like the rest of America, be scared that this man is going to say the wrong thing, or misinterpret a threat and kill us all. Oh, this man scares me…he scares me from afar and he scares me from up close. Good luck, GW…don’t screw stuff up too much. Remember how we put you there? Well, we can hire Kenneth Star again, and this time we’ll make him actually work for those tax dollars.

So, we’re getting closer to Christmas (or Channukah), I’m learning all sorts of Holiday things about religions. Like, in *some* people’s books, baby Jesus wasn’t even born! In other people’s books, Jesus never died, he just was cloned by God and he’s just chilling out in Heaven (Mount Bonnell in Austin). Some don’t even have a God or a Jesus (gasp). I love the Holidays, and even though I am so stressed out and having nightmares about them everynite, I know that they’ll be okay and they’ll be as wonderful as last year. (I miss my Florida crew, I love you guys:)! Hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

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