My New President

fuck tha policeI have as of January 20th officially declared a new President of the United States. That’s right kids, I have decided that my President is an Anti-President. My president is a female, a clearly acceptable choice, one that I’m sure will strengthen the economy, lower national debt, she would never in a million years take Alan Greenspan off his thrown (not until he pisses her off enough), my president would never try to put any legislation into play unless it was for the good of her beliefs. My President has, after all, won her candidacy with ease and grace. Unlike, her predecessors, she is a woman of tact and brutality balanced. She watches television, drinks wine from a box and doesn’t mind this isn’t incredibly inventive, but it’s cheap and it lasts longer.

My President has red velvet pants, does yours? My president has seen George W’s plan of action for the next 180 days and she does not enjoy it. She has serious issues with your President’s plan for Education. It would seem that someone told Georgie boy a lie. They led him to believe that people who are not as affluent should have a smaller chance to educate themselves in a public setting. Someone told him that public schools that are failing short of higher test scores, safety and overall abundant achievement should be punished. Whoever told this blatant lie made suggestions to your new President that were as ludicrous as the misinformation, can you believe that
they told him that giving some children vouchers to go to a Private school would solves problems, not create them.
My President sees through this.

She sees through the protestors who didn’t out smart Washington, she sees through bazillion dollar corporate media megers, she even sees through Fox and NBC. My President has decided not to run to be reelected in four years, she has decided her term will be indefinitely. If things are prosperous and I still dig her, she’ll keep being the CEO, she won’t step down like a 29 year old at Morgan Stanley. I am my own President, I think everyone should find their own President and protest without violence and police intervention. My President rocks! Maybe yours can too.

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