Dave Becker

the pope rocks!So, after I wrote this really long post about wonderful New England summers and winters living the Northeastern Region’s
dream and then commiting it to paper, my computer died. It died like the legacy of Bill Clinton will in a few short days when we’re undergoing a national depression of inaugurating another Bush (of the infamous right winged empire) as our highest officer of the land.

this week can suck it. This week can go away and be crushed by the public’s eye like Monica Lewinsky. it can go away and never come back. The fashion industry is exhausting, they are dramatic and yell and scream. Where I work people I believe are trained in college or as young children to solve their problems by raising their voice and acting out as Erica Caine on All My Children would when someone cheated on her. I want to sit in silence for the weekend and not hear another persons voice for as long as humanly possible unless it is coming from a VHS delicately picked from blockbuster. I am going to drink only yoo-hoo and mike’s hard lemonade and eat popcorn and have cereal for dinner. This weekend I am going to become the Dutchess of Self Indulgence and wake up on Monday morning ready to fight a royal battle. I am going to sleep as much as possible and only get up to pee and get another mike’s.

This weekend will have been brought to you by the world of absolutely no self control, over abundence and pure unadulterated alcoholic drinking.

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