So, it’s that time again, Kristen Posting Time, and I have no idea what to write about. I’m having writing blocks lately. That and word blocks. I’m having problems remembering the names of things. For example, “bananas” = you know those yellow fruit things… “sisqo” = that naked black guy…I have to actually look at things and think really hard to come up with the names of things. I think I might attribute this to becoming a sponge for information at work. If there is anything that you want or need to know about human resrouces (basic info and some times intermediate levels of info, I can tell you). I’ve started to write in resume, New York City, Aug 2000-Present format.

I have learned who it is good and not good to work for, I have become the human (along with the human internet movie database, with the exception of when I am with Jamie, because he seems to have seen everything and his grandmother, and makes me look like a movie amateur). I have figures and numbers in my head from scheduling, from reading and learning who is under and over educated, I have personality characteristics that one should look for in a candidate, I have the responsibility to learn things and retain them for all eternity to become a professional. So, I am left with these little spots of brain shortages. It’s like that really old lamp that is so old, but you love it so much that you deal with it’s little light bulb shortages. I have become my favorite Ikea lamp.

Along with my being a veritable sponge for new information I have realised that a Monday through Friday work week kills me. By the time Friday comes at 4:00 pm I’m done. I am absolutely used up and running out of gas quickly. So, I am proposing a four day work week, they have it in Great Brittain, why not here? We can say fancy slang british terms like “wanking off,” “bullocks,” “shite,” “arse,” and the like and yet, not run out of gas by Friday from too much info-overload. Who is with me?! We don’t need Chavez or anyone else as labor secretary, we just need to up the minimum wage (which all states will have done by 2002; Vermont and Connecticut being the highest pay increases) and give ourselves a four day work week.

To go along with my new national plan of the people’s work week bill, I have decided to go and check out a New York City Hip Hop class, now I know some people have seen me dance (ehem, family members, friends etc.) but do not fear, my rhythmless whitegirlness will not hold me back. I’m hoping that going to the best hip hop teacher in New York City will work out to my advantage. If I really try I think I can do it. I’ve taken dance before, it’s just I’ve never taken a Hip Hop steppin out to the sounds of Dr. Dre class before. I think I’m ready to search for my roots. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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