It’s Gospel Yeh-Yeh

yeah, whatevah!Allrighty – where to begin, where to begin?? A review of the Potomac/Wash D.C. weekend begins… NOW…

Saturday afternoon, driving to Potomac: I have to drive across the Delaware Memorial Bridge. For some reason, those that I conclude from childhood nightmares, I fear this bridge. Maybe it’s the construction of it? Or the height? Or the length of it? Ok…. move on.

Further down Route 95, I pass a town named Scaggsville. [Editor’s note: Us MD/DC Peeps from outside of this area pride ourselves on this town and the fact that we don’t actually live there.] Drive under an overpass named Brooklyn Bridge Road. Then I begin to smell one of the most inviting, comforting smells ever. A campfire-like smell; wood burning, leaves smoldering, marshmallows being toasted – ahh! It was the best. I pull into Potomac’s driveway.

Saturday night, a little “late”: Go to dinner, Mat gets the undercooked, slightly pink chicken. (I joke about food poisening.) Mat needs to borrow my Lactaid. Stop at Tower records, Purple Rain must be bought. Watch a horrible Saturday Night live with way too many commercials, just for a chance of catching David Gray’s set. It sucked (what happened to SNL?!?) and we missed David Gray. So Mat turns on Prince’s Purple Rain. Ooh, the acting….Ooh, the drama… Sorry to say, I wasn’t impressed with the movie, but I did gain respect for Prince (does that make sense??)

Stumble up to bed around 5 a.m. There were just too many bad tv movies on. They are contagious, I tell you.

Sunday morning: Somebody repeatedly jumps on my bed to “wake” me up. I had been awake three times earlier waiting for said person to get himself up. I didn’t want to go downstairs alone for the infamous bagels and lox breakfast. I passed on the lox, and silently hoped I didn’t offend any parental members by doing so. Talked about the top ranking grocery companies in the region and world. I guessed the #3 worldwide company, Albertson’s/Acme. Mat laughed at “Acme” and thought they were only in the cartoons. The story of “the 12 year old girl arrested on the Metro for eating french fries” is brought up, and I hint that I may eat on the Metro to see what happens.

We get directions to the Smithsonian and head out to D.C., yo! Drive by Mat’s high school on the way to the “Chevy Chase” bank. Yeah, I got a kick out of that. Chevy Chase. (“You can call me Al”) While driving, I see signs for a “Kiss and Ride” which I have to ask about. It sounds like a corny amusment park ride, right?!?

Sunday Afternoon: It’s cold as a mother outside and I try smoking a Vanilla cigarette. Who’s a bad influence??? Of course, I cough a few times and put that one to rest. Got to see an IMAX movie (Shalom!), Ocean Oasis that had incredible footage of the Pacific Ocean and its life. It’s a shame they don’t make these movies longer than 35 minutes.

Sunday Evening: Eat dinner in Georgetown. I notice that neither of us have any Lactaid left. We talk a little computer talk, talk a little job talk, and head back home. Jessica needs to hit the road back to South Jersey. I get to see the infamous Exorcist stairs on the way back, and silently remind myself to show Mat the Rocky stairs next time he’s in Philly.

Sunday Night: I leave Mat’s house with good directions and a few They Might Be Giants CDs short. I’m trying to convince him that although they are supa geeky, they’re cool. Left him with Apollo 18, Miscellaneous T, Self Titled, and one whose title escapes me. So if there are any closet They Might Be Giants fans out there, please help me out!

Late Sunday Night: Driving on Route 295, and this guy keeps riding my tail when he can obviously pass with the two empty lanes to my left. He doesn’t. So I pull into the left lane, and he speeds up and paces me. Thought it was a cop at first, and slowed down. He slowed down. I look over, and some doofus is staring at me; leaning in toward the window and smiling. I slow down more, pull behind him, and put the high beams on his ass. Asshole. He drives off quickly and gets off at the next exit. So if anyone in the Philly/Jersey area sees a White Mercedes with PA tags ending in 6579, please flip him the bird. He deserves it.

I get home, hit the computer, and type this little ditty out. I had an awesome weekend and saw much of DC that I hadn’t seen in years. Props to Mat, the second most hospitable host ever (K being the first!) And he’s got cool parents, too.

Question: Do you “God bless” a Jewish man who sneezes? Or just let it pass?

[side note: Today is my favorite day of the year. My favorite numbers, 11 and 19 equaling the day that it is.]

PS. – It’s Mat’s turn to add some editor’s comments now… [Editor’s note: Other than the trip down to the $10 million houses in deep Potomac and the CD shopping at Tower, I think you hit all the bullets. And for the record: Jewish peeps don’t get offended if you Bless them following a cough, you weirdo! Us Jews just don’t believe in that Jesus guy. Or at least that character is not in our book.]


An Afternoon Addition…

Did I mention how impressed I was with the DC Metro??
It’s clean.
It’s fast.
It’s reliable.
It’s cheap.
It’s style (a la 70’s orange and yellow).

Only, people do not look or talk to each other while riding. It was slightly spooky.

Some guy tripped twice while riding the escalator upstairs. He was standing, then fell, and got back up. His girlfriend turned around to see what the comotion was, and he did it again. She (and I) busted out laughing.

A kid across the tracks passed his waiting time by sitting next to the escalator, putting his hand on the upward moving rail, and letting it pull him up. At some point, gravity would kick in, he’d “fall” off and slide all the way back down. His father didn’t acknowledge him, but the looks he got! I couldn’t stop laughing from across the tracks! I was waiting for him to get pulled high enough, and hit one of the people standing against the escalator. It got pretty close, but no luck.

Why can’t every city have a decent transit system like this??

And… Mat has a noisey stomach!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh, I’m such a goy!

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  • You can`t remember the 4th TMBG album you loaned him? Was it… Lincoln? John Henry? Flood? Factory Showroom? Severe Tire Damage? The 2-disk best-of? And whadda ya mean “closet”? I proudly proclaim Them to be my 2nd favorite band!

  • you guys hit up all the good spots. glad you got to see the humogo houses, which are the reason me and Mat say we are from R’ville. did you get to the Village? funderful place that it, you can almost smell the money.

  • glad you two had a good time in the mat and i and others nativelund.

    God Bless DC and all that is American!
    I wanna hear what you saw at Smithsonian. Which Museums you hit, yos?


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