are you amplified to rock?

yup, it's lith...yup it's a bull, yup it's a square....lithbull (10k image)Last night was a nice one. A little bumpy in that me and the Pops had to finish up my taxes. The problem was with my Schedule C form. We werent sure if i had to spread the business expenses over three years as they were not disposable items. Turns out, after talking with the soon to be brother-in-law, that we didnt need to and i will get the full refund at one time. Fuck yeah. Scott rules. Maybe I will have the extra money to buy the DVD-Home Theatre bit. I like that small Sony one. Fuck Bose. And it wasnt too expensive either. Eh. Who knows…so while I was doing taxes Emily was doing her crossword puzzle (me and her started earlier that day) with my Mother while she watched TV. When me and the Pops were done Emily and myself watched that new John Cusack movie, “Serendipity.” It was pretty decent, but only Cusack decent. He is the king of romantic comedies. If only his character in the movie said his favorite movie was “Say Anything.” After the movie my mother had suggested that Emily and myself go dumpster diving down the street. There was this cool lamp she thought i’d like. And I did. It was babyblue and glass. It was a hanging lamp. I really like it…I just need to solder a plug to the end. No biggie. I havent been dumpster diving since me and Gabe furnished our apartment in Tennessee that way.

Today after dropping off my first roll of 6×6 film (Yeah!), I drove to the post office with my father to drop off my taxes. Funny how many people were late like me. I am so e-filing next year. Fuck wasting paper. Fuck waiting around for ages for the return. At least I get my return is directly deposited. And after we got back i talked to Allison for half an hour about my trip to Louisville. Me and Emily are gonna fly down to Derby in two weeks. Southwest has a deal where you pay on round trip and your friend (Emily) flies free. That’s 118 bucks. It’s 116 bucks if you dont have a friend. So if you dont have a friend, you really just save 2 bucks. In other words, your nonexistant friend is worth 2 dollar. 2 DOLLARS! Why is the theme today John Cusack? I wonder if he would require his friend to lend him his video camera to get some help moving out of an apartment. Who knows. I am just excited to see Jackie and Allison. Hopefully this time, i’ll remember which day I come back on. And Daniel better come or he smells bad.

I got the new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion record. It’s could quite possibly be my most favorite JSBX record yet. Perfect melodies. Perfect mix of blues and rock and subtle hints of funk. The way rock was meant to be. At least in the equation i like. Do yourself a favour.

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