give me 3 steps…

the delta 72What a wonderful weekend! It was peaceful, relaxing, and filled with good times and great company.

Mat came up to Philly, and we spent the time doing basically nothing. But, it was the best “nothing” I’ve done in a looong time.

We caught the Delta 72 [Editor’s Note: Click the picture at right to see pictures Mat shot at the show] at the Khyber Saturday night. Great show – not so great crowd. I could have done without the drugged-out, 80’s hair rocker girls. Every single one of them, including their better-than-the-next girl’s “outfit”. I’ve never seen so many torn fishnets, bad baaad haircuts, ripped shoulder shirts, and ill-fitting clothes in one standing. But, so is the Philly scene. Or lack there of.

Went to my favorite used cd store. It was there, that we saw Dave Matthew’s Band’s new album being sold before it was actually released. Like 100 or so copies out on display. It’s not out till Tuesday! Mat brought up the ramifications of “selling before release” and we contemplated doing something about it. For a few seconds. Turn in my favorite cd store? Jepordize hundreds of Dave Matthew’s fans in my area from hearing the new album just a few days early? Halt the distribution of new releases to my used record store?!?! I think not!

The thrift store proved to be an eye-opener. Ooh, the people we saw! Ooh, the people we saw! Yes, I live in Jersey, and yes, there are some weird people out here. I’ll admit that. Townies, Locals, and just plain weirdo’s were out in full force this weekend. Not just at the thrift shop, but everywhere! Too many mullets to count on all of my fingers and toes. Too many mom’s with darker moustache’s than their sons’. Too many South-Central Jersians! Thank god I’m not “really” from here!

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