jeff wyatt is a big f’n…

devon says 'it's all dick!' - alldick (14k image)Well it’s now after 9am. I am the only person here in my office. What the hell? I also overslept 20 mins. And i just finished blowing my nose, because since it’s nicer outside, the pollen has to come out and kick my ass. I guess the pills can only do so much. And I have these blinds that cover this huge window in my office that opens up to the rest of the office. I actually opened them this morning and while blowing my nose half the office was standing outside of the office window. I just sorta humbly waved. I guess it was funny in my own little office drama. Watch out, the gray hat is back!

This weekend will proove to be exciting. There is this anti-war rally that i am contemplating going to in DC this Saturday. Pretty funny it’s on 4/20. Light it up! Devon, Dustin, and Kati (with hubby) are gonna come from TN. I never really was friends with Kati and now she’s married! What has the world come to. And i talked with Elizabeth in Boston last nite. We have mutual friends. I knew of her in TN, but i never knew her. So i prolly talked to her for the first time last nite. I was definately suprised by the southern accent. It will be cool to see them all. No clue what the plan is, but that seems to be half the fun.

Last night I wached SPY GAMES. I am not one for spy movies, but this was pretty good. I also prolly havent seen a Robert Redford movie since ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. Brad Pitt was also barely in the flick. What up with that? He too cool for school? I also rented PITCH BLACK. I remember Becca had suggest it to me a while back. I think I am watching it with Emily tonight.

I am going to Derby 2002 this year with Daniel, Emily, Allison and Jackie! Yes!

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