Week In Review

The Week, according to Jessica…

Yeah, it’s been a while….

So I’m heading out to NYC today…. it’s been a while since I’ve gone for just the day. It’ll be good…. Don’t think I’m bringing the camera, though. A girl from work is coming along, and I don’t want to bust out the camera and scare her or anything. Shopping time!

My blue suede Puma’s are on thier way to my humble abode…Awesome! Have I ever told you how much I *love* these shoes?!? I finally caved and bought them online. Couldn’t find them anywhere.

Went and saw the Dismemberment Plan last night. They opened for Blonde Redhead at the TLA. It should have been the other way around, as a third of the audience left after the Plan. Took some photos, I’m hoping they turned out allright. I’ve been having bad luck lately. So it was my first time seeing the Plan. How impressed was I?!? Very… Spoke with Travis after the show, and somehow it came to him asking about OM. What it was, etc. Asked about Alison and how it all related. Told him there’d be a bunch of us at the DC show later in April.

Bought a new cell phone last weekend! One of those Sprint PCS deals… I love it! I can check my email on it! Since I can no longer access it at work…. extra points!

Flying out to Arizona on Wendesday… Stacy, my best friend from college is getting married. It’s been over a year since I was last in Tucson, and I can’t wait. There’s something in the air over there. Some sort of electricity or happiness that floats around and relaxes everyone. It’s the afterlife. It just needs a better nightlife scene. I plan on hiking the mountains and taking lots of photos. This may be my last time out there, as Stacy moves to NYC in the fall. I think the reason I faild out of college there is that I was so in awe of the place. Nah…. I just had too much fun doing my own thing. God, that was a long time ago. Crazy.

Go listen to this mp3. Caught Up In You by one of my favorite bands, Convoy. Tell me what you think. Their new ablum comes out in June. I should have a copy within the next week or so. Aww yeah.

On the LA move, things are progressing. I’ve found a community college to start things back up in. Looks like it has an awesome Photo and Journalism depts…. Hopefully, this time, college will stick.

Have an awesome week…. I know I will.

Sorry for the blah post. It’s been over a week for me, and I wasn’t feeling it for writing my usual motivating/inspiring piece. Whatevea 😉 More from me when I hit Tucson!

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