celebrity crushes

So we’ve all had them. And we all still have them. They will always be there. Our Celebrity Crushes. Through the years, our fickle minds change, and our tastes slightly vary from when we were once fourteen. ((Read to the tune of Blur’s “girls & boys” playing in the background))

A List, of Jessica‘s Celebrity Crushes (past to present)
Not an entire listing, just a small sampling of the vast entity it is.


Christian Slater – EVERY fourteen year old girl’s dream. Heathers. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood. Pump Up The Volume. True Romance. Untamed Heart. Come on! Christian Slater, man! Christian Slater! Went to school with a girl whose grandmother babysat him when he was younger.

Ethan Hawke Ethan! Ethan! He married sexxy Uma. Remember Reality Bites? Gattaca? Dead Poets Society? Alive? Great Expectations? Such a good actor – a step up from my fourteen yr-old crush to my sixteen yr-old crush.

Ewan McGregor – Sexxy Scott who first hit me when Trainspotting finally landed in America. Had been waiting all summer for it, having read and read and read about it in my british magazines. Anyone with a British/Scottish/Irish accent is automatically raised a level of “hott-ness” in my book. Hands down.

Scott Speedman of Felicity – Not sure what it is about him…. He’s not that good looking. He’s got a nice tan. Pretty eyes. Good teeth. But when you meet him face to face, “Bam!” your opinion is completely changed.

Heath Ledger – saw A Knight’s Tale last night. Having seen it, I am now determined to see 10 Things I Hate About You and The Patriot. An Aussie. 22 years old. Dating Heather Graham. There had to be a snag somewhere!

Rock Stars

John McCrea of Cake – I don’t know why, but at some point a looong looong time ago, he made my list. Maybe it was his style? His pronunciation of words? Maybe his talented band helped raise him on the list? I wrote about one of their albums for my high school paper. Sent them a copy. Got a hand written letter back in the mail. Every time I meet John McCrea, he steals my sharpie. It’s true! I’ve lost at least 4 of them to him.

M. Doughty – I can hear your moaning now. Stop it! Way back in the day, there was a time when I thought Doughty was hot. Those glasses. The manner in which he spoke/laughed/sang. Any artsy girl will agree with me. He was the sexxy geek strutting his stuff on-stage. And, he had a large part in furthering my photographing career.

Michael Stipe – Allright, I know I’m going to get slack for this one. He’s gay, he’s not gay, he’s bi – who the hell cares? I appreciate him for who he is and what he has done. For me, he is the biggest. The best. I couldn’t talk when I met him. I almost passed out. Look at what he’s accomplished, then tell me you can’t blame a girl for having a little crush on him? Besides, the shaved head is kind of sexxy…

So that’s a sample of my list.
Some of you may agree, some of you may disagree. That’s fine. This is America. You’re lucky.

I have forgotten quite a few names/faces. Forgive me as the hour is late. I would have made a “girls-whom-i-thought-were-worthy” list, but I’ll leave that up to you guys.

6 Responses to “celebrity crushes”

  • wait, you had a crush on christian slater in heathers? that’s kinda not right…

  • oh, jess, you have no idea how far back Christian and I go….

    “Gleaming the Cube,” anyone? He made me love Vision Street Ware with a fiery passion. So dreamy.

    Not to cheat on my beloved John or anything, but wow, skaters….



  • i can still remember the day when my website was serious yet fun!

    what’s up with this swooning boy stuff? GIRLIES?!?!

  • i can rage with the best of em, baby…. i’ll make sure the next post is fun & anger-ful.

    fuck the Man,


  • thank god! no more friggin’ belle and sebastian posts!

    put some stank on it, ladies!!

  • are we still talking about crushes here? cause rumor had it that mat wanted to suck johnny machines cock, and if that ain’t a crush, dont know what isss……

    go put on a dress!

    all aboot the love baby,

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