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store boilerplace responses to repetitive email - bagget (13k image)A few things to do this summer:

  1. See as many good shows as possible.
  2. Go to the beach. Definately not Ocean City. Maybe roHOBOth or Cape Cod.
  3. Finsh up MONSIII and finish artwork with Emily.
  4. Solidify solid Olympus Mons Records plans as well as complete the plan for Tempo Team’s first 7″ release.
  5. Take lots of photographs of whatever the hell i end up doing.
  6. Contemplate taking some photo classes so i can use their dark rooms, just like the good ol’ days
  7. Learn color film processing.
  8. Go to England.
  9. Spend time with Becca as it seems i only see her in the summer since we graduated high school cos i kinda miss hanging out with her. Funny how that works out.
  10. Move in to my new house with Laura. And have housewarming party. Kid n’ Play style. And yes, you are invited. And no, you are not.
  11. Be more yuppie and eat more Fresh Fields’ food.
  12. Not show up late to Chili Cook-Off
  13. Relearn sound absorbtion coefficients

they grow up

So the other night I went to Laura’s present place with Emily to have dinner and watch the Osbournes. I had a beer. With my new medication and after drinking a beer, i feel like i’ve dosed on opium 4 times over. This is not good. I do like the occational beer. But this is some serious shit. I only had half a beer and it had been over 24 hours since i had last took a pill. So i guess i will give up alcohol. I mean hell, i really never even need a drink. Honestly, i’d rather drink chocolate soymilk or oj, for that matter. So i guess it’s not really a loss. Too bad i didnt know of this anti-histimine/alcohol deal in the college dayz. What more of a winner i would have been. Could have been. Would have been. Oh, to think what I could have accomplished.

So instead of smoking pot this Saturday like the good amERican i should be, I plan to check out this anti-war protest. Revolution. Or not. Hell, i will prolly just want to sleep in and wont end up going. How’s that for being an america! Bollocks!

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