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So there are 44 more days until Emily and myself are homeowners. (Check the countdown on the lower righthand side) We have all these great plans. We’re going to finish the basement and acoustically seal it as well as put a bathroom there. That is the first priority. We’re going to fix up the deck. We’ll have a garden that will organically rock you. Then after some more bills are paid off, we’ll eventually break out the wall in the dining room and lengthen the deck as well as put in french doors. We’ll be breaking down the wall in the kitchen to open up that space. We’ll finish the attic and turn it in to a darkroom/photo studio. I am sure there are other things to do, but this house is going to kick ass.

In other house news, Gordon will be coming over in a week to finish up all the floor plans for the studio v2 with me. We’ll also do a time line and a punch list and an expenses sheet. It’s time to get overly detailed. I am over estimating all the drywall and hardwood floor installation and the acoustical treatments will take us about 2 months. In reality it will most likely take about one month, but I like to give ample time.

And if one more person asks us when we’re getting married (since we are buying a house together), I am gonna punch you. What if we’re already married and we didn’t tell you. Maybe because you keep pestering me. Maybe because you drink shitty beer. Maybe because you smell and need to wear purfume. So we don’t do things the way you do. Anyways… I sound angry, but I am not really. It’s just very humorous to me. Humorous that we have a house in DC and you don’t. Nany nany boo boo. Stick your head in doo doo.

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