hello, i am an international film star

This weekend was Tolya and Otto’s wedding near Pheonixville or King of Prussia, PA on their family’s farm. It was pretty magical. Everything was great and not-so traditional, which I loved. I think it was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.

Thursday, we got in to town and had dinner with Tolya and Otto’s family and met a ton of cool people. Friday was the rehearsal dinner and more drinking. Saturday was the wedding. It was so wonderful. The ceremony was in the back yard. Tolya came out on the creek on a raft. Kevin and Michael sang a song of theirs. One of the bride’s maid’s sang a song too. Joni Mitchell? I think it was. After the ceremony we all walked down to the bridge for the party. There was salmon that was caught by Otto’s family in Alaska just a day before and flown in…. There was also a Spanish dish that I cant spell, but it pronounced “PIE – AY – YA” – It was mad good. They also had a zydeco band flown in from Louisiana. Totally amazing.

Emily and I also got engaged. Or “E’d” as Emily likes to refers to it. We are so happy. We’re getting hitched!

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