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I just want it to be August 2nd. We would have settled on the house. And we would moving all our stuff from our other house. Well actually the movers will be doing that. It will just be settling time and studio relocation time. We are taking a week off from work. And come to think about it, I never filed my time off with the powers that be. But it’s still on the calendar. I might have just received a free ride. Yes!

But yeah, I am getting very antsy about moving. I am getting very antsy about rebuilding Olympus Mons Studios. I wish my fast forward button would work. I wish we were all ready to start this today! But we have 30+ days left until the move. Thankfully we actually are having lives these days so the time is actually going by fast. Wednesday we went to Local 16 with Maria and Bill and some other friends and tonight we’re going to see that movie The Hunting of the President in Dupont. That is the move that IMDB claims is about, “The ten-year campaign to destroy Bill Clinton”. It looks pretty interesting. Tomorrow I have a client (Zander) coming in for some studio time and Sunday is our Yard Sale. And the next time we have a second to come up for air, we’ll be sitting with the lawyers signing our name 500 times and settling on the house.

What About Love by Heart just came on my Launch Cast. Goddam they are so awesome. Baracuda. Hells yeah.

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  • I certainly plan to check out The Hunting of the President, although I hear it’s no replacement for reading the book. So if you thought the movie was an eye-opener, pick up the book as well. I’ve had it on my shelf for a couple of years but still haven’t read it — too concerned about the current mess to be concerned about last season’s, I guess…

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