did peter send you anything?

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Again, I have a life again. Two weeks in a row. Wild.

Tonight I am going on a date with Emily to see Spiderman 2. Can you go on a date with someone you are engaged to? The first one was pretty good and I love me some Kirsten Dunst and Emily loves her some Tobey Maguire. So it all works out. And tomorrow night we’re hopefully going on a double date with Eric and Erika to see Fahrenheit 9/11 at the AFI Theatre in Silver Spring.

And wednesday we’re going to Lowes to pick out our paint for our new house!

Oh yeah, and our yard sale this weekend ruled. We made just about $200. We sold a lot of the big things we wanted to get rid of. We sold a ton of CDs too… “WOODSTOCK ’99 – HELL YEAH!” I even sold two cracked cymbals… “I guess I’ll hit them harder then!” The yard sale was pretty cool. And we’ve been on this Takoma DC listserv for over a year and people actually came out just to introduce themselves. Takoma DC… Yum yum.

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