midnight confessions.

well… it’s been a crazy few weeks. work has been utterly crazy. people going on vacation…. having to cover more than my own job…. people wanting things done yesterday. it’s a mess. i need a vacation.

i got a phone call today to let me know that my apartment has been painted and cleaned…. and it’s ready for move in. wu!! i’m so ready to get out of the house…. and into my new apartment. i bought a disposable camera that comes with a free digital disc when i have the pictures developed…. so i’ll have pics of the place sometime next week, i would imagine.

this past weekend was great. jessica flew into baltimore on thursday night…. we drove back to philly…. and then we promptly went to sleep. friday jessica slept for about eighteen hours…. while i went and signed the lease for my apartment. then she, my folks, and i went up to the apartment so everyone could check it out. it was bigger than i remembered…. and everyone seemed to really dig it. then we went to my brother’s house to hang out…. and so jessica could finally see the baby. my nephew. ian. he’s so adorable…. and he LOVES jessica. of course. that night jessica and i met up with some friends to celebrate vanessa’s birthday. we all ate indian food then drove up the road to the new britain inn for the after party. that place is sort of scary. VERY local. but to my surprise…. they had victory hopdevil and guiness on tap. not so scary after all. good times.

saturday was our one year anniversary….. and we hung out for a while at home. then we ran to target for some things. we didn’t have any real plans for dinner…. and we didn’t feel like going to the city. i was racking my brain trying to think of a place we could go to hang out for a while and eat good food…. then i thought of the general lafayette inn. so we drove there….. ate awesome food…. drank awesome beer…. played good tunes on the jukebox…. and talked about everything….. and got a little drunk. then it was off to the drafting room for more beers and karaoke! well….karaoke for jessica, that is. her voice is so beautiful!! and i’m not just saying that. i’m impressed every time she sings. she should be in a band. for real.

sunday was ian’s christening….family stuff all day. church…. which was quick. thank god. pun intended. then back to my brother’s house for food and fun. jessica finally got to meet a lot of my family…. and it wasn’t so scary…. was it sweetie?? 😉 anyway….then we went back to the house to pack and stuff…. then off to baltimore. i hate that part.

it was a great weekend. i wish i had more like that….

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