the very best in “um – pah – pah!”

mark de gli antoni

So last night I wrote a letter to a composer that I marvel at and love. Someone I respect highly and consider a role model. This is someone I’ve known for many years. I’d been his confidant during some really bad times of certain parts of his life. And he has introduced me to many of great musicians and wonderful people as well as helped me through some bad parts of my life, whether he did intentionally or not.

So in the letter I asked him if he would play our wedding ceremony. We just did not want to have some random musicians playing music that was so trite and played out. We want it to be special. I had no clue what he was going to say. I didn’t know if it was tacky or not. But I couldn’t not ask. So I did and I just received a response.

amazing – what great news and I would be psyched to play at your wedding. I’ll write too or just play or be a part of the playing team. – I used to play organ in a church, have played lot’s of harpsichord too. If there’s an after party I would probably prefer partying and dancing to someone else but whatever you request is no problem.


I am pretty much beside myself. One of my favorite modern composers will be performing in my wedding. And Mark De Gli Antoni will be playing our wedding and will be sharing one of the most important couple days in our lives. I am the happiest man alive.

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