when will courtney love burn in a house fire?

skylabman (14k image)This weekend was supposed to be the great big protest weekend. And it was. I just never went. I wanted to really bad, but the closer and closer it got to the actual event the more organizations got involved. It became the “cause to just have a cause” – And that just gave me a headache. The night before the protests me and Emily thought to drive to the beach for the day, but that never happened, as we just overslept. We did plan to go next week or the week after Louisville. Anyways…so we did watch some of the protests on tv, like all the Revolutionists (post college) do now. And it was just ridiculous. You’d go from this really on topic dude talking about how war is ridiculous to this old morocan woman screaming about how the jews are just as bad as hitler was. That was the reason i didnt go to the protest. But at least in general there were little to no arrests, if any at all, and it was a very peaceful day. Yeah for peace.

So after the protests settled, me and Emily headed down to Foggy Bottom to the hotel where Dustin, Elizabeth, Katie & her husband Michael, and Will were staying at. They all drove from Tennessee except Elizabeth who took the bus from Boston. It was great to see them all as i hadnt seen them in over 2 years when i graduated. Most i never expected to ever see again. So after chatting for a bit about the protests and the bizzare “patroit porta-potties” we ventured downtown to the TGI Fridays. How american of us. We chatted a lot of politics as that was what was on our minds. Elizabeth did talk about how cool Boston was to Emily, which gave her mad mad mad mad mad extra cool and special props. We also almost gave the waitor a heart attack by splitting up the bill 4 ways. We were awful. I was almost about to just pay for the whole thing just to get out of there. After dinner we all just hung out at the hotel room waiting for Devon and Erin who were also driving in from Tennessee. We talked a lot about what i used to talk about in college. Lots of introspective / religious topics. You know what “pseudo intellectual stuff.” Still good stuff, regardless. Never really got in to philosphy as much as some of them did, but it’s funny to watch people talk about what they think and see the other people react to something they know is just fundamentally wrong. Like Jesus. What a crock of shit. That dude to start off wasnt a dude. He was a black. And he was prolly gay. And if he was really jesus, he was prolly a transvestite, just cos he could. Hell, he could have had the operation, while he was at it. Why not?! HE WAS JESUS! – So we waited until Devon finally called. Since it was getting late already and we were exhuasted, we just decided to part ways and Elizabeth and Emily and myself would get lunch with Devon on Sunday. Very cool to see Dustin! The best parts i missed about Dustin hadnt changed! So all is well.

Sunday was much cooler than expected. Brrrrr. So we met up with the crew and headed to Chinatown to get some Dim Sum. First things first and i went to the bathroom to drop the kids off at the pool. Gotta make way for the foodage! There were marbles in the toilets which mezmorized me for a good 30 seconds. The food was good and it was cool seeing the women pushing the food carts around. I did wish they were naked for more than a few minutes. After that we headed to the National Gallery of Art. I got to see my favorites there including my prized Rothko. There was some good Worhol as well. After that, Emily suggested us getting a cab, because it was raining and we all know that when rain makes contact with human skin, we melt. So we cab-ed it to MCI Center to drop off Erin and Devon so that they could get their NSync tickets (hence why they came to DC). I did wish we could have hung with Devon and her friend more. Maybe next time. Then we took the Metro to Union Station to drop of Elizabeth. Goodbyes were quick, but i am sure we’ll see her again sometime soon. IN BOSTON! YES!

Sunday night we didnt do much. We went to dinner at Mike’s Diner. It was fab. Takoma Park fucking rules. Then we went to the Video store to get a membership. I got RUDE BOY, a Clash film and the DVD Amistad. Then we went to the Takoma Park Food CO-OP, which is my newest favorite place. All the Paul Newman foods i can think of! Yum!!! I watched RUDE BOY while Emily worked on her Father’s website. Then I watched the Parental Advisory on VH1. Then we started Amistad. It’s intense. Almost hard to watch. It reminded me of learning about the Holocaust when i was younger. We still have half the movie to watch. I cant wait to get over there to finish it.

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