The Hazzards – Shut up & Makeout

mat and the girls from the hazzards

So the Hazzards from NYC came in to the morning show today. They totally rocked me. The reason they were on the show was that their song “Gay Boyfriend” has become our PD’s theme song, unwilling to him. And it is sort of a big joke here. Playing the song on the intercom just to get under his skin, etc… And since we give them the most airplay on radio, they decided to come on in after our offer. So, they came in matching uniforms with a ukulele and a Casio SK-1. They totally seemed like people I would be friends with. I mean hell, Anne has a glockenspiel she brings with her on the train and they like my style (or so they say). How can you deny that power. The power of the glockenspiel goes further than most people realize. For more information on the Hazzards, click here. And yes, the rumors are true. They are New York’s baddest two-girl ukulele group.

I know you love it, Daniel.

And mad props to The Hazzards for linking me on their website.

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