let the eagle soar

Michael Moore talking with Congressman John Tanner (D-TN) on Capitol Hill. He spent the day there approaching pro-war members of Congress to recruit their children to fight in Iraq.

I finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11 friday night in Georgetown with Catherine and David. It was pretty moving. At least the sections that took place in Iraq. Overall, I really did like this movie. But I am really getting sick of Michael Moore and his deal with Flint, MI. I know he’s from there, but get over yourself. Sure there are very poor parts of Flint. But hell. There are poor parts of Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Murfreesboro. So other than that, I thought it was put together very well. There were some parts that I thought could have be documented better and seemed to have been used to just make Bush look like an idiot (like he needs the help). The one part that really pissed me off was when the planes were going in to the towers in NYC and Bush was being informed of this while he was in a classroom with students. He just sat there. For 10 minutes. Didn’t do a thing. Now what would a rational person do in this situation? Duh. You’d get up, apologize that you had to go run the country and tell the kids you’ll come back when there aren’t people running planes in to your buildings in NYC and DC. That so pissed me off. So other than that I wish there was more information in the movie that I didn’t know. I presume since we all read alternative news that we knew about most of what was brought up. But I guess to the general public who relies on Fox News and ABC, they are not going to get the full truth and I presume a lof of this move was news to them. Like Emily stated after the movie, “It makes me very mad.” And it does. This movie really made our blood boil. If you aren’t registered to vote, shame on you. Do yourself and your country a favor and vote or first register to vote. Show the country you care.

Yesterday, Zander came over so I could mix some rough mixes. Gordon didn’t come over until later because I always forget to call him on his land line when he’s at home. But we got some pretty wild mixes done. They aren’t bad for the very first run of rough mixes. And after Zander left, Gordon and I started taking down the studio. There are just so many wires and connections in the back it’s quite overwhelming. 8×2 36x8x2 16×4 64x4x2. 1168 isolated connections. Or something like that. But we’re getting there in the big move down the street. And Emily is kicking booty with all our business paperwork and taxes and what not with our new filing cabinet. She so rules with the organization. I’ll stick to doing laundry.

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  • My friend Mike saw it and *finally* registered to vote afterwards.

    And Moore uses Flint as an example of the rest of the country, it hits closer to home for him (obviously), and since he knows everybody in town, I`m sure it`s easiest to get access to people. It counts as EveryPoorTown, USA.

  • yeah, i get why he uses it, i just think it’s getting stale…

  • still yet to see f911 … but hey i’m happy it motivates people to register to vote thats pretty awesome.

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