operation urgent crusty crystal waters

Lately, we have been seeing movies a lot in the theatres. We saw that Michael Moore movie last week with some friends and last night we saw Super Size Me as we were in the area and were in the mood to chill in Dupont a little more after dinner. It was a pretty good documentary on the state of American eating behaviors. And about how America has a severe problem with obesity. And looking for the reasons why. Watching that movie and seeing how this poor man ate McDonald’s every day and every meal for 30 days was just awful and made me want to vomit in all directions. It just amazes me the amount of consumption and excessiveness our counry supports. Is excessiveness even a word?

In other news, we got a tour of the O Street Mansion in Dupont last night. So I think we’ve found ourselves a place for our reception. It’s totally beautiful and eclectic, complete with 16 hidden doors among 5 houses interconnected. This place is amazing. And it’s so perfect for us. And we should be able to invite a few more people as this place will hold more for the reception than the Tabard Inn. Yeah for weddings! Yeah for weddings that will rock!

Oh and if you are ever in Dupont, do not eat at Tomate Bistro Italiano on Connecticut Avenue. They took forever for the food to come and for $75 it was hardly worth it. The Italian lager was about the best part of dinner. I am really am liking the lager these days. I might just be able to say that it’s my favorite style of beer. Something I never thought I would say.

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