andy diagram trumpet backing vocals

touch it!Had a pretty busy day at work. Yet, i still had time to take a 5 minute nap. Yeah, for naps! Still catching up on work from vacation and now I have half a day to get everything finished up on the two sites i now work on for the long holiday vacation. At least we get fed for lunch tomorrow before we go home at 2pm. Chatted with Christy on the phone today when I got home from work. It was a nice conversation. We made tentative plans to have tentative plans to get dinner sometime. Or something like that. are you waiting for the heavens I am going to the Black Cat tonight with Emily to see her friend’s soul band. I think I am gonna take pictures of it. Woo! I am so exicted for Allison to come visit! We get to take pictures in DC! Woo! Come Allison! Move to DC! Do it!!

From the BBS of Love. Get involved you pig.

top five days of the week.
1. sunday (for the mornings)
2. friday.
3. saturday.
4. sunday.
5. saturday.

top five fruits.
1. watermelon.
2. green apples.
3. strawberries.
4. tomato, in the summer.
5. kiwi

top five footwear.
1. barefoot
2. anything puma
3. my minority stompers (Doctor Martins)
4. 6″ heels (thanks Morgan)
5. still a sucker for lowtop chucks

top five (general).
1. candy
2. music
3. girls
4. dc
5. my newer exclusive aim name

top five U2 songs.
1. 40
2. So Cruel
3. Lady with the Spinning Head
4. Mothers of the Disapeared
5. One Tree Hill

top five afros.
1. Feetnik
2. Mat circa 1999-2000
3. Lenny Kravitz’s old drummer
4. Kool Tee
5. Prince circa 1977

top five whores I’d like to kick in the teeth.
1. that “check engine” light in my car
2. my record label
3. my vocoder (sometimes, as it fails)
4. digital anything
5. lame girls

top five ways to not look suspicious avoiding work.
1. aim! aim! aim!
3. Porn!
4. Go to Chipotle with Laura
5. Do jumping jacks

top five reasons to drink excessively on thanksgiving.
1. cos i have to spend it with the in-laws.
2. o-town
3. poor taste in footware
4. cos someone had the bright idea to brew a good beer.
5. cos it’s better than being smelly

top five breasts.
1. britney spears’
2. the militant lesbian’s
3. claire danes’
4. zut’s
5. lisa loeb’s

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