The Soul Coughing DVD is on the way

So for the past few years there has always been a bit of chatter about releasing a Soul Coughing DVD. Mark’s talked about it. I think Yuval said “DVD” once. And I am sure Doughty wouldn’t mind it all that much provided he got a nice check. There were some difficulties. Not really sure why. But I got the call from Sebastian last night. He’s been talking with Randy Kaye. Randy was the man at Warner Bros. Records who signed Soul Coughing back in the 90s. So that is a great sign. Sebastian asked me what my favorite shows were, etc. If I had copies on video. I told him about 2 Meter Sessions. That show is god amazing. So yes. This is mad exciting. Sebastian asked me to find out if the fans had any good footage of live shows or what not. So if any of you have any videos, please by all means, get in touch with me.

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