Lisa and her Mother’s Command Records

So last night I shot over to Congressional Plaza after work to meet up with Lisa. Or Awapy. Which ever you prefer. She said something about getting a Starbucks drink, but luckily that didn’t happen. She was back from Seattle visting the ‘rents as they are moving to Florida. Why? Who knows?!

So we chatted it up and caught up as it’s been forever. Then we headed back to her parent’s house to have dinner and look through her mother’s old records. Hot damn she had some good ones. But these were the ones she let me have:

  • Enoch Light and the Light Brigade : Magnificent Movie Themes 35/mm (Command Records)

  • Enoch Light and his Orchestra : 1963, The Year’s Most Popular Themes 35/mm (Command Records)
  • Command Stereo Check Out (Command Records)
  • Enoch Light and his Orchestra : Let’s Dance the Bossa Nova (Command Records)
  • Bruce Springsteen : Born to Run
  • Frank Sinatra : Strangers in the Night
  • Blondie : Parallel Lines
  • Queen : A Day At the Races
  • Pete Seeger : American Folk Songs (Folkways)
  • Cat Stevens : Catc Bull at Four
  • The Who : By Numbers
  • Boston : s/t
  • Cat Stevens : Tea for the Tillerman
  • Roberta Flack : Killing me Softly
  • Rolling Stones : “Exile on Main St”
  • Van Morrison : Moondance

I was amazed at all the Command Records she had. It was truely amazing. And tonight I am going to listen to them all.

Jewish food is the best. Especially during the summer. There is nothing better. It’s almost like a secret organization. That is, those that can cook Jewish dishes. And Lisa’s mom and I did talk about what maranade she used for the brisket. Lipton’s Onion soup. Yup yup! The only way.

Regardless, it was great seeing Lisa and her family. Oh yeah, and Lisa’s father is an ex-postal worker. That, my friends, is truely amazing. And yes, I did get to score a good Postal Worker joke in there during dinner. However, I did loose track of time and forgot to get home early so Emily and I could go to Ikea. But who knows when I’ll see Lisa again.

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