Heidi: Playin mons on the radio!

Playin mons on the radio!

So Heidi and I are sending pictures back and forth because we are the only ones we both know that have Sprint PCS and picture phones. So last night she totally made my night and sent me a picture of the Mons promo that she was evidently spinning last night. Heidi rules.

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  • wu!

    Also, for some strange reason I’m getting your pictures at 5:30 in the morning. The kitty picture you sent came at 5:30 Friday morning and then this morning around the same time I got the comments you replied with to both of the pictures I sent you…is that happening to you? It’s so strange. I did get the naked statue picture and the yo la tengo complete with emily’s voice during what *seemed* like the actual times you sent them (10pm last night and 1 in the afternoon today, respectively).

    Nevertheless, picture mail is fun!

  • it also occured to me that maybe you are actually sending these things at 8:30am your time. I don’t know..let me know if it’s Sprint, or if it’s you. 🙂

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