Heywood Wakefield China Cabinet

What did we do this weekend?

Saturday we picked up our neighbor’s pickup truck to head to Ellicot City or something like that to pick up our Heywood Wakefield china cabinet. Did I mention that is was so cool how we got the truck for a day? Emily just posted a message on the TakomaDC listserv saying we needed a truck to move some furniture and bam, we had like 3 emails saying we could use their truck. I so rocked the truck. Then we took a trip out to Lowes to find a new ceiling fan for the dining room (which so rocks) and pick up some various other sundries. Oh and we finished painting in the dining room! Thank god. And somewhere in there we went to Mobili and Theodore’s in Georgetown to look for more CD storage furniture from Vismara. Mobili was great. But Theodore’s was kinda snooty and a little too “old rich urban life” for us. Then we checked out the Vespa store next door for a bit and drooled.

Sunday, Lisa came over to help us tape up the stairs and hallway. And she helped us do the first coat of paint there too. Snap! And she met Emily for the first time ever. Bizzare. Lisa so ruled from taking time out for us just 2 days before she goes back to Seattle. Then I got a call from Feetnik to talk jobs. It was nice catching up with her for a bit. Then randomly Ben and Sonia dropped by and we got to meet their child. Ben is moving back here from Santa Monica. It’s great with all our friends moving to DC. Then randomly I got a call from Michael Peters. Not sure why I always use his last name all the time. But I do. So he moved here from Tennessee with his wife and kid for his job. He’s living in Silver Spring. We got to catch up. I just love having a lot of my friends in DC.

And through out the weekend Heidi and I sent back pictures with our phones. We rule. Dork style.

Emily and our new Heywood Wakefield china cabinet!

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