Designing a space for 2,000 CDs

So for the past few weeks we’ve been on a mission to find a system to shelve or house my CD collection. We’ve looked at Vismara in Italy, but thought spending $7,000 per unit ($14,000 total – we’d need two), while most excellent looking, was rather ridiculous. They were great though. 8 foot tall. They were tall, as most consumer designs Ikea, or as Marc says :: Eye – Kay – Ya) tend to top out at 4 feet which is a complete waste of space. But at 8 feet, it lends more functionality when your collection is coming close to 2,000 units. I also decided that when I hit 2,000 units, which I am rather close to, that I will have to sell one in order to buy another. I think that is totally fair. And I like that idea. Recycle through.

Yesterday, Emily found a local designer (on 1st Street NW!) to come over to check out our space. He came over and showed us his portfolio and in turn he showed us the designs he did with Antenna Design. I was pretty impressed. He had a utilitarian thought process with style. Something most designs we’ve looked at lack. There is typically zero design and cold in feel. So, we are looking at a few local artists/carpenters to design and build something similar to that of Vismara’s Scringo. Sans the $7,000 price tag per unit. Something that folds out, ideally to 180 degrees, so it’s like a box while closed and when open, it will be like a library. We’ll prolly need two. So that each holds 1,000. On each side of the walkway inbetween the dining room and the living room, but on the living room’s wall.

It’s not going to be a cheap project (yes, cheaper than 14 grand), but it’s quite vital for our living space. And I am not going back to those quasi-wood racks. I refuse. Pressboard is not an option. And the designer who came yesterday was open to some trade which will be good. We should have some preliminary designs as early as Wednesday. I can’t wait to see what Marc puts together. More news as it happens.

5 Responses to “Designing a space for 2,000 CDs”

  • have you considered building your own? And I don’t mean pressboard. Carpentry is not as hard as some people imagine.

  • totally contemplated it… well at least emily did, more so…

    but there is just so much to do, and we can’t do everything ourselves – you know…

    we’ll see what the designers come up with for the preliminary sketches…

    check out

    look at the scringo – that is what we are aiming to do… kinda…

  • yeah, i’m totally all about building shit ourselves… however i fear my learning curve for carpentry is shorter than mat’s patience for finding a solution to the great cd challenge of 2004.

  • L-

    Were you offering your services?!


  • SUCKA, please. we’re doing enugh shit as is. it never ends.

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