You can now call me Bob Vila

my sconces rule

What did I do tonight?

1) I used a high carbon steel plug tap (my new favorite tool and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread) to open up the sconce mounting bracket from UK threads (22 per inch) to US threads (24 per inch) and to go a bit wider in the diameter. | 10-24NC for those that are inclined.

2) I finally and happily mounted the other sconce and returned power to the front of the house. In addition, porch light is now operative. (Random note about front of house: While the circuit breaker was shut off for this area of the house since I commenced “Project: Replace Sconces” – most of the front of the house on the main level had no power. The doorbell included. Bizzarely enough, the doorbell randomly started operating this weekend even with the circuit breaker off. Random. That or there is a ghost operating the doorbell. The house is 70 years old and many families have lived here. Who knows.

3) Replaced lightbulb receptical, rewired, added a 2 prong plug and added an rotary cord interrupter.

4) Finished rewiring vintage green clock for Red Room.

Tomorrow I will replace the crappy rotary dimmer we have in the bedroom with a Switch and Dimmer Toggler. And hopefully replace a few light switches in the front of the house.

Call me Bob fucking Vila.

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